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Smartwatch with Activity Tracking
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smart watch with heart rate

Advanced health monitoring smartwatch W30ET8210

With ECG electrocardiogram functionality, Bluetooth communication, and non-invasive blood glucose measurement, it enables comprehensive health monitoring at your fingertips. Stay on top of your cardiovascular health.  Specifications: basic parameter Function...
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Take care of your body smartwatch W12EP803

Our cutting-edge men's smartwatch, equipped with advanced features to enhance your health monitoring.  With ECG (Electrocardiogram) capability, this watch provides real-time heart health insights, allowing you to track your cardiovascular...
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Outdoor sports watch W09FR8778

Stay informed during your dives with our watch's diving-specific features. It provides accurate measurements of diving time, floating time, diving depth, and water temperature. Feature:  Diving: diving time, floating time,...
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Y68 Smart Health detection Bluetooth watch

This Smart Health Detection Bluetooth Watch is a lightweight wearable device weighing only 44g. With its advanced technology, it accurately monitors your heart rate and blood pressure, ensuring you stay...
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The Ultimate Wearable Tech Companion smart watch W01X88ULTRA

The high-definition display ensures vibrant colors and crystal-clear visuals for immersive entertainment. With the rotating crown feature, you can effortlessly navigate through menus and apps. Feature: 1.HD large screel 2.Rotating...
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Fashion Smart pay with ease Watch W01X58Pro

Our Fashion Smart Pay with Ease Watch, featuring a stunning 1.39-inch HD full screen (1.99-inch HD full screen with stainless steel side design). This sleek and stylish watch provides a...
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NFC Health monitoring smartwatch W01GT38MAX

Stay stylish and stay connected with its dial market and NFC functionality. This smartwatch offers a range of features, including a pedometer, calorie tracking, distance measurement, and heart rate monitoring. ...
att smart watch

T8 Heart Rate Alert Smart Sport Watch

Stay on top of your fitness goals with the T8 Heart Rate Alert Smart Sport Watch. This versatile device offers a range of features, including exercise recording with a pedometer,...
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T7 Plus MP3 Smart Watch

Keep track of your fitness goals with the exercise log, which includes a pedometer, calorie burn count, and distance measurement. Stay on top of your health with sleep monitoring that...
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T60 Powerful Function Smart Bracelet

With customizable dials, you can personalize the look to match your style. It also supports 24-hour continuous dynamic heart rate measurement and whole-skin heart rate measurement for accurate health monitoring....
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T10 Earphones Watches 2 in 1

Monitor your sleep quality like never before with the T10 Earphones Watches 2 in 1. It offers sleep monitoring functionality that displays a trend chart, enabling you to understand your...
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P8 Heart rate bracelet

Basic parameters Bracelet size(mm) L*W*H=36.6*43*9.3 weight 46g Color Black, pink, cyan, gold,Gun color Major function Exercise recording (step counting, distance, calorie calculation), exercise mode, message push, information storage, heart rate...