What to Do If Don't Have Extra Time to Walk

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Finding time for a walk can seem difficult in a busy schedule. But a stuffy stomach and a body that needs to stretch keep yelling at you, wanting to go out for a walk. In fact, by optimizing your schedule and making conscious choices, you can enjoy a lot of walking.


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Assessing Your Schedule

Begin by evaluating your daily schedule to identify time slots that can accommodate walking. Look for gaps or pockets of free time, such as early mornings, lunch breaks, or evenings, where you can fit in short walks. It's important to be realistic and flexible with your time allocation, considering the demands of your schedule.


Making Walking a Priority

Recognize the value of walking for your overall well-being and make it a priority in your daily routine. Set specific goals for the amount of walking time you aim to achieve each day or week. By viewing walking as an essential part of your self-care and health routine, you are more likely to prioritize and make time for it.


Incorporating Walking into Existing Activities

Look for opportunities to incorporate walking into activities you already engage in. For example, consider walking or biking to work instead of driving, taking walking meetings, or going for a stroll during phone calls. By combining walking with other tasks, you can maximize your time efficiency and increase your daily step count.


Breaking it Down into Smaller Sessions

If you struggle to find longer stretches of time for walking, break it down into smaller sessions throughout the day. Aim for multiple 10-15 minute walks, such as a quick walk after meals, short breaks between tasks, or even a stroll during TV commercial breaks. Accumulating shorter walks adds up to significant physical activity over time.

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Even in the busiest of schedules, finding time for walking is achievable with strategic planning and conscious choices.

Smartwatches equipped with fitness tracking features can be valuable tools in tracking your walking habits and providing motivation. They can monitor steps, distance, and calories burned, giving you real-time feedback on your progress. Additionally, smartwatches offer reminders, goal setting, and achievement badges to keep you motivated and accountable in reaching your walking targets.


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