Rewards Program

Getting Started in Easy

Earn points and get rewarded in a few easy steps.

Create an account

In order to get points, you will need to login in or join in.first. If you have purchased from Orgasm Angel, but have not created an account on our websit. You will have to set up an account first.

Compete tasks and earn points

Everytime you purchase on Orgasm Angel, interact with us on social media or invite your friends to shop at Orgasm Angel, you will be able to earn points. Details of earning the points are explained down below.

Redeem your points for coupons

You can redeem your points to coupons and use them on your order! Every 100 points worth $1.

How to earn points

3 Points per dollar spent

Get 3 points for every $1 spent.

Points from previous purchases has already been added to your account.

50 Points for following and liking our socials

Following our Instagram


Liking our Facebook page


Please use the link in our reward program to do so. Otherwise, we will not be able to track your activity and grant you the points. 

1500 Points for inviting your friends

Get Rewarded for referring

Send your referral code to your friends, who will get $15 off on their next purchase. The discount can only be applied once for one person. For every purchase compeleted with your code, 1500 points will be added to your account.

How to redeem your points

You can redeem your points to coupon and use it on your next order. Every 100 points is worth $1. There is no limit on how many points you can redeem every time. However, the coupon code can only be applied to orders exceeds $50, and cannot be splitted to be used on separate orders.

To use the coupon, simply go to " Your rewards " and click on the coupon you want to use. You can copy the code and paste it on the check out page. Or you can click "apply code" and discount will automatically applied to your order when you check out.


If you have any questions about our reward program, please do not hesitate to send your questions to We will reply you within 24 hours.