User Guide For Pro 15 Smartwatch


SMART WATCH Thanksgiving, I met you in the years like songs. Thank you for choosing this smart watch. This watch will provide higher help and enjoyment for your exercise and health. For your convenience, please read the instructions carefully and follow the steps in the instructions.

Quick description of the watch

Part introduction

Touch the display

Top button: switch machine/return Long press the upper button to switch the machine

Lower Side Key: Enter Blood Pressure Test Interface/Side Electrode Key

Temperature sensor-

Charging contacts-

Photoelectric sensor

Airbag plug

Gasbag Air sac plug

Charging Method

Charging activation is required before the first use of the watch, using the equipped magnetic suction charging cable to attach to the metal point on the back of the hand table, the other end of the charging line access to the USB charging head or computer USB port.   

 Install the watch APP

Scan the following QR codes or enter major application markets to download and install "HealthWear".

Device requirements: iOS 9. 0 and above; Android 4. 4 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 support.

  • Open the mobile client to set up personal information
  • Switch to the "Device" page and click on the binding device
  • Click on your device in the list of scanned devices
  • Binding completed

The main feature page


View the number of steps you walk,the distance you walk, and calories you c onsume at any time of the day, and update to the APP simultaneously to view your motion data.  

Heart Rate

Switch to the heart rate test interface for real-time heart rate detection, monitoring data can be updated to the APP simultaneously, and test reports are available.  


Blood pressure measurement

Precision Measurement

The watch has been fitted with an air bag

1. Press the butterfly clasp switch to loosen the strap

2.Wear it into your wrist to compare and adjust the length for fit.

3. Pick up the watch, set aside the positioning buckle, slide the butterfly positioning buckle, slide the butterfly buckle left and right for loosening and tightening adjustment.
4. Press the positioning buckle to fix it after selecting the length.
Confirm before testing: whether the airbag is installed in place.Note: Inadequate airbag assembly will result in measurement failure

①Push Butterfly Button Switch②Pivot up the locator clasp ③Adjust strap to approximate size④After adjusting the approximate position, align the strap holes and press down the positioning buckle

⑤Wear the watch on your hand and depress the butterfly clasp switch.


Note: If you feel that it is too loose or too tight after completing the blending, you can re-blend it.

Accurate blood pressure measurements require the proper fit, not too loose or too tight, and the inner ring needs to fit around the wrist. Inaccurate wear will result in inaccurate blood pressure measurements!
Click to enter the precision measurement mode, click to start the measurement, follow the watch prompts to adjust the posture, waiting for the measurement. Please keep your watch as tall as your heart.

Note: The palms stretch, you can't hold your fist, vour thumb is above  


The Measurement Begins

This watch uses pressurized synchronous measurement technology to detect the measurer's blood pressure and pulse during the pressurization process, and complete the measure ment at the same time as the pressure is over. When the air pressure value increases, the blood pressure watch detects the pulse and begins to calculate on its own

Displays the measurement results

After the measurement is complete, the blood pressure watch automatically exhausts and then automatically displays the measurement results.
Note: When the airbag is over-inflated for long time and causes discomfort to the user, the user can untie the strap directly.

The cause and handling of the measurement failure
1: Make sure that the strap and airbag are worn correctly.
2: Confirm that the airbag and its connections are tight and that there is a leak.
3: Make sure the airbag is curled between the strap and the wrist.
4: Whether the arms and body remain stationary when measuring.
5: Keep quiet during the measurement and do not speak.
6: After the determination is complete, wait 3 minutes for re-measurement
Consult your doctor for an explanation of the blood pressure measurement. For patients with diabetes, poor blood flow (e.g. varicose veins in the limbs) or stroke, use under the guidance of a medical professional. For patients with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular diseases, please refer your measurements to your doctor or to a medical professional who knows your condition. Self-judgment and self-treatment are dangerous and can lead to deterioration.

Inaccurate wearing and use will result in inaccurate blood pressure measurements!

Quick Measurements

The photoelectric test method is quick and easy to test blood pressure, this data is for reference only. Requires greater accuracy Please use accurate measurements for blood pressure testing.  


Press and hold the side electrodekey on the ECG test interface to make the bottom two electrode pads and the side electrode key fully contact the skin for testina, The test report needs to be viewed in the APP

Blood Sugar

Switch the watch to the blood sugar test interface to enter blood sugar monitoring, and the data can be updated to the APP synchronously. Note: The test results are for reference only and cannot be used as medical data.

(Before measurement, it is recommended to link the APP select "Health Setting" Glucose Calibration" in the interface of "My Device", and measure after calibration)


Blood Lipids

 First, connect the cell phone APP, select "My→My Device→Health Settings→Lipid Calibration"on the APP, enter your own "lipid calibration value" for calibration, and then the watch switches to the lipid test interface, you can enter the blood lipid test or monitoring. 

Note: The test results are for reference only and should not be used as medical data.


Uric acid

Uric acid First connect to the mobile APP, select "My→ My Device→Health Settings→Uric Acid Calibration" on the APP, enter the "uric acid calibration value", and the watch switches to the uric acid interface to enter uric acid testing or monitoring

Note: The test results are for reference only and should not be used as medical data.


Blood oxygen

 Switch to the blood oxygen test interface to enter the blood oxygen real-time detection, monitoring data can be updated to the APP simultaneously. and there are test reports


Body Temperature

 Switch to the temperature test interface to access real-time temperature detection, monitoring data can be updated to the APP simultaneously, and there are test reports.

Note: When testing body temperature, the bottom temperature must be fully exposed to the skin (wear 10 minutes after wearing test) temperature test will be affected by environmental temperature difference, only serve as a warning reminder, please take medical professional equipment and doctor diagnosis

Heart Rate

Switch to the breath rate test interface for real-time breathing detection, monitoring data can be updated to the APP simultaneously, and test reports are available.  


When you fall asleep, your watch automatically determines your sleep detection mode, automatically detects your sleep/light sleep/sleep duration throughout the night, calculates your sleep quality, and your sleep data can be updated to the APP simultaneously.

Note: Sleep data is only available if you fall asleep with your watch.


Sport Mode

Click on the Sport Mode interface to enter Motion Mode, which is available in a variety of motion modes. Click on the motion icon to enter the corresponding motion mode detection. Swipe up and down to switch motion mode, click Start calculation, and right-slip out of current motion mode.


The weather page displays information about the current weather and air quality. Weather information needs to be connected to the client before it can be obtained, and weather information cannot be updated if it is disconnected for a long time.

Note: The watch is not connected to the APP before there is no weather interface, need to connect app after the weather interface, the phone needs to turn on positioning.



 Click on the information to view the content of the information, slide up and turn the page. Slide right out.

Quick Features

Swipe down on the main interface to enter the shortcut function interface, select"Do not disturb" "Information" "About" "Settings" and other options, Click the icon to enter the corresponding function.  


Click on the About icon to display the machine model and Bluetooth address in the last four digits.


Click on the brightness icon to freely select the screen brightness.

Raise Your Wrist 

Click on the wrist lift icon to enter and select the wrist lift to turn on or off.


Click on the reset icon to enter and restore the factory settings


Click the shutdown icon to enter and you can shut down.

Other Feature Reminders

The reminder function needs to set the on alert switch on the APP side and keep the phone and watch connected successfully in Bluetooth, the message is a vibration alert.


1: Do not use an adapter with a charging voltage greater than 5V and a charging current greater than 2A for 2-3 hours
2: Do not charge in the event of water stains.
3: This product is an electronic monitoring product, not as a medical reference, measurement data for reference only.
4: Keep the surface of the blood pressure watch clean and tidy, which helps to extend the life of the blood pressure watch.

5: This product does not have waterproof performance, please do not wear for immersion, swimming, bathing and a series of may be the inside of the watch into liquid or water vapor operation. (After removing the bladder, plug the bladder plug to prevent liquid or moisture from entering the watch)