How To Improve Hunchback

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Don't think that the hunchback seems trivial, but it is actually very difficult to correct! Permanent poor posture or muscle weakness can be the cause of a hunchback, which not only makes the upper body appear thicker, but also makes breathing difficult.

Here are 3 ways to effectively correct the hunchback, including improving standing posture, doing yoga before bed, and stretching against the wall.

Practice every day to help yourself open your shoulder blades and chest. Make you look slimmer and have slim square shoulders!

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Change the stance

Don't neglect your usual standing posture! Incorrect standing posture affects posture, resulting in hunchback, chest, and head forward. An incorrect center of gravity puts excessive pressure on the spine and can even lead to injury. So you have to remember to stand up.


Improve hunchback and open shoulders: mountain pose

If you want to correct your hump and rounded shoulders, you can try Mountain Pose. This is also the basic movement of yoga and can be practiced anytime and anywhere.

First, keep your feet together, balance your body weight on both feet, lift your head and chest, and straighten your spine. During the process, your abdomen will be tightened and your buttocks will be pulled back. Avoid excessive forward or backward leaning of the body. Keep your palms facing forward naturally and be careful not to shrug.


Yoga to correct the spine position

Through the yoga, you can correct your posture, strengthen your muscles, and also straighten and lengthen the spine. Just practice 10 minutes before bed and you can have a nice and firm line.


Improve hunchbacked and open shoulders: bow pose

The bow pose can exercise the back muscles, prevent a hunchback, stretch the hip joints, and stimulate the core muscles, which can shape the upper body very well! First, lie on the yoga mat, lift your feet up, straighten your upper body, hold your ankles with your hands and continue to breathe.


Improve Humpback and Open Shoulders: Cat-Cow Pose

The cat-cow pose is like a cat arching its back and straightening its waist. Allow the body to adopt a four-legged kneeling posture. Inhale to lower your waist and tighten your stomach to perform a cow pose, then exhale to arch your back and come into cat pose. This movement can relieve back muscles and increase flexibility increase.


Improve hunchback and open shoulders: locust pose

The whole person lies on the yoga mat, arms at your sides, inhale, lift your head, chest, hands and legs off the floor at the same time, stretch your shoulder blades in and down. Lots of exercise can strengthen your back, build core strength, and open your chest.
Improve hunchback and open shoulders: straight arms
Do this exercise when you want to open your chest and straighten your arms! Assume a standing pose, raise your hands overhead, bend your torso back, squeeze your stomach and look up, which will increase spinal flexibility and stretch the normally tight neck, spine, and shoulders can.


Improve hunchback and open shoulders: repentance prayer

Straighten your back, place your hands on your spine, touch your fingertips first, breathe in and put your hands together and slowly move up, you can feel the pain in your shoulders and arms, the shoulder blades and help the chest to open up and breathe more smoothly.


Improve humps and open shoulders: with elastic band

If you want to increase the sensitivity, you can use the rubber band to increase the training effect.

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Improving the hump requires long-term persistence. When exercising, wear the Smartwatch to track your own exercise status, such as breathing rate, calories, etc.


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