Precautions During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is not an easy thing. No matter how small or small, it needs attention. It is a huge challenge both physically and mentally. How to deal with it? What are some good activities to help soothe your mood?

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Dealing with fatigue

  • Eat foods rich in iron and protein. Fatigue can be a symptom of iron deficiency anemia, but dietary changes can help. Choose lean red meat, poultry, seafood, green leafy vegetables, iron-fortified whole grain cereals and beans.
  • Take frequent naps. Getting up and moving around for a few minutes may help. Turning off the lights for a few minutes, closing your eyes, and lifting your legs may also help.
  • Drink plenty of water. Keep a bottle of water by your side and take a sip every now and then throughout the day. Drink water earlier, not closer to bedtime, to reduce the number of toilet trips that interfere with sleep.
  • Stick to a fitness program. Physical activity can help boost energy. Go for a walk or take a prenatal fitness class whenever your healthcare provider thinks it's feasible.
  • Go to bed early. Get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Resting on your left or right side will allow for better blood flow to your baby and relieve swelling. It will be more comfortable to put a pillow under the stomach and between the legs.

Stay comfortable

  • As pregnancy progresses, everyday activities such as sitting and standing become difficult to adapt to. Taking frequent naps can relieve fatigue. Moving around every few hours can also relieve muscle tension and help prevent swelling in your legs and feet. You can also try other strategies:
  • Sit. Sit more easily for longer periods of time, especially as your weight and posture change, with an adjustable seat with a backrest. If the seat is not adjustable, use small pillows or cushions to provide extra support for the back. Elevate the legs and reduce swelling.
  • Stand. When you have to stand for long periods of time, place one foot on a footstool, pouf, or box. Switch feet often and get plenty of rest. Wear comfortable shoes with good arch support. Consider support or compression stockings.
  • Bend over and lift heavy objects. Proper posture can protect your back, even when lifting very light objects. Bend your knees instead of stooping. Hold the weight close to your body, lifting it with your legs, not your back. Do not twist your body when lifting heavy objects.


Control pressure

  • Speak out. Share your setbacks with a supportive colleague, friend or loved one.
  • Relax. Practice relaxation techniques, such as breathing slowly or imagining a peaceful place. Mindfulness and meditation may help.

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Wearing a smart watch during pregnancy can help pregnant women monitor and manage their health. Smart watches can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, sleep quality and other signs. This information can help pregnant women monitor their physical condition in time and prevent complications.


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