10 Strength Training Moves to Help You Avoid Injury

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As a real runner, strength training is a must. If you don't strengthen your core muscles, you will be prone to injury when you increase your running volume! So, today I bring 10 simple strength exercises that you can do at home and go out for a run. But some actions need to use equipment! Runners without dumbbells can use mineral water bottles instead.


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1 Lower body twist

Action: Lie flat on the yoga mat, keep the thighs parallel to the ground, and bend the knees 90 degrees. Keeping the upper body still (shoulders should always be close to the ground), turn the body to the left, reset after 2-3 seconds and repeat to the other side.

Targeted parts: core muscles

Times: 10-12 times/group

Advanced action: do not bend your knees when turning sideways, keep your legs straight


2 Planks

Action: Feet touch the ground slightly, with elbows supporting the body to form a straight line. It won't take long before you feel your abs have to work hard for 45-60 seconds.

Targeted parts: core muscles, back, shoulders

Times:  3-5 times

Advanced action: sideways plank support, that is, lie on your side to keep one leg in contact with the ground, and use one elbow to support your body.


3 Scorpion wagging tail

Action: Place a plank on the ground and start in a push-up position. Bend your right leg and rotate it toward your left shoulder as far as possible. Then switch legs and continue.

Targeted parts:  shoulders, core muscles

Times:  30 seconds on each side, as fast as possible

Advanced action:Try putting your feet on a yoga ball


4 Back stretch

Action: Lie on the yoga ball facing the floor, raise your hands forward and upward, then bend your elbows, and touch the ground lightly with your hands. Use the power of the hips to drive the body back to the original position as shown in the picture, and hold for 2 seconds. If you don't have a yoga ball, you can also lie on your stomach and lift your legs and arms to perform the exercise.

Targeted parts:  Back, glutes, and shoulders

Times: 10-12 times/group

Advanced action: holding dumbbells or otherwise carrying weight


5 Hand-held kettlebell squats

Action: Hold a kettlebell (or other small weight) in front of your chest with your feet hip-width apart. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Lift the kettlebell overhead, then return to the starting position.

Targeted parts: Glutes, thighs, back, shoulders

Times: 10-12 times


6 Lunge lift

Action: Hold the dumbbells with both hands and straighten your arms upward. Step forward into a lunge with your left leg, bend your knee 90 degrees, hold for 1-2 seconds, return to the starting position, and repeat with the other leg.

Targeted parts:  thighs, glutes, shoulders, core

Times: 6-8 times/leg


7 Yoga ball curls

Action: Start in a push-up position, placing your calves on a yoga ball. Bend your back and use your back and hips to drive your calves to roll the ball forward.

Targeted parts:  shoulders, core muscles

Times: 10-12 times


8 Yoga Ball Hip Stretch

Action: Keep your head on the ground and your calves on the yoga ball. Keep your balance on the ground with your hands open. Lift your hips so that your shoulders, hips, and knees are in a straight line. Bend your knees and roll the ball with your feet close to your hips.

Targeted parts:  thighs, glutes, shoulders, core

Times: 6-8 times

Advanced action:  Exercise on one leg


9 Dumbbell Shoulder Rotations

Action: Stand with a dumbbell in your hand, with the dumbbell attached to your shoulder and your palms facing each other. Turn to the left, and at the same time straighten your arms 45 degrees to the upper left, with your palms facing outwards, return to the starting position, and repeat on the other side.

Target parts: shoulders, triceps, core muscles

Times: 6-8 times


10 Pinch Dumbbell Raises

Action: Bend the upper body, let the arms hang down naturally, hold the dumbbells in both hands, with the palms facing the thighs. Lift the dumbbell up to your chest with your left hand, return to the starting position, and repeat with the other hand.

Target parts: back, biceps, core muscles

Times: 10-12 times

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