4 Ways to Lose Weight While Sleeping

smart watch sleep tracker

Smart Watch Sleep Tracker

Many people may not believe that you can lose weight just by sleeping soundly, right? However, daily sleep is indeed closely related to weight loss. If you master the correct method, it is not an exaggeration to say that "sleeping alone can lose weight".

Do you sometimes feel "ah, I'm so hungry", but wonder why you feel so hungry? This is because there are two hormones in our body that control appetite. One is hunger hormone, which stimulates appetite and makes us want to eat; the other, in contrast, is leptin, which makes us feel full and suppresses appetite. Keeping these two hormones in balance is known as the secret to successful weight loss.

So, how can we secrete more leptin, which suppresses appetite, and reduce the secretion of hunger hormone, which increases appetite? The answer lies in: sleep! It is said that people with less sleep time will secrete more hunger hormones that promote appetite, and less secrete leptin that suppresses appetite, so they tend to eat more and get fat. In other words, people who have a good sleep every day can become a physique that eats less and loses weight easily. Because of this, it is really important to get a good night's sleep.

Japan's livedoor news network introduced 4 sleep methods that are said to improve sleep quality and double the effect of weight loss. Let's take a look together!

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1. Take a bath one hour before going to bed to promote hormone secretion

In order to secrete more "slimming hormones", the key point is to get enough sleep every night. But there are also many people who have difficulty falling asleep and light sleep cannot enter deep sleep. For such people, it is recommended to take a bath one hour before going to bed.

There is a "deep body temperature" in our body. When the "deep body temperature" drops, we will feel sleepy, and we can enter deep sleep at this time. Taking a bath can promote blood circulation and increase body temperature, and about an hour after taking a bath, the body temperature will drop again, and you can sleep more deeply at this time. Let’s try to get into the habit of showering an hour or so before bed!


2. Lavender fragrance promotes good sleep

How much you can relax before going to bed is also the key to whether you can enter deep sleep. In a busy and nervous state, I got into bed and naturally slept lightly. In order to release tension, we can also use the aroma of herbs to increase the relaxation effect.

For example, drink some chrysanthemum tea that has a sleeping effect, smell the lavender fragrance that promotes sleep, and put something with your favorite scent next to the pillow, so that you can promote sleep and improve weight loss!


3. The best sleep time is about 7 hours

It is said that as long as you have a full sleep, you can burn 300 calories of fat. In addition, it is also said that people who sleep less than 5 hours for a long time have a probability of obesity as high as 73%.

Studies have shown that the less sleep time, the slower the fat burning and the easier it is to gain weight. The sleep time must be kept at more than 5 hours, and it should be as high as 7 hours, so as to improve the weight loss effect and form a physique that is easy to lose weight just by sleeping.


4. Try to get up before 10 o'clock on holidays

When the sleep-deprived workday finally ends and the weekend begins, many people choose to sleep until noon. Why can't I maintain the habit of getting up early on weekdays? In fact, the habit of sleeping late is absolutely undesirable for weight loss. This is because a long lie-in can disrupt your internal body clock.

Rise to meet the morning sun, and start to feel drowsy about 14 hours later. This is a cycle of our body. If this cycle is messed up, it will be bad. We will fall into such a vicious cycle: we can’t fall asleep at the usual sleep time -> lack of sleep -> easy to gain weight

Even on Sunday, it is best to wake up only 2 hours later than usual. Try to get up before 10 am so you can maintain a good sleep cycle.

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"You can lose weight with just enough sleep", which requires us to pay attention to the habit before going to bed. In order to be able to enter deep sleep, it is very important to relax before going to bed. For example, using your favorite fragrance to relieve fatigue, listening to some soothing music, and doing some simple relaxation exercises are very effective. In order to lose weight successfully by sleeping alone, let's sleep well from tonight! If you want to know your sleep status, smart watches can help you. It can record deep sleep, light sleep, and time to fall asleep.


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