Do You Sleep Really Well?

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Sleep is something each of us needs to do to rest your body after a long day of work. But even during this sleep time, many people's sleep status is not ideal.

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Deep sleep VS light sleep

It is well known that lack of sleep is highly correlated with diseases such as Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. But did you know what sleep does to your mental state? Sleep deprivation leads us to make hasty, risky decisions and our ability to empathize with others decreases. Plus, lack of sleep can make us more sensitive to our own pain.

There are three stages of sleep: light sleep, rapid eye movement, and deep sleep. During light sleep and REM, our brain waves are nearly identical to our waking brain waves, but during deep sleep our brain waves are long pulses that are quite different from our waking brain waves.

After the human body enters the sleep state, there will basically be two levels of changes. The first is the physical level. When the body is stretched, the muscles will be in a completely relaxed state, and the body functions will get a rebound. The second is the level of the brain. The cerebral cortex is in a state of internal inhibition, that is, the cerebral cortex that receives the heavy workload of uploading information from the nervous system of the whole body during the day begins to recover and soothe when you fall asleep.

Deep sleep allows us to convert our daytime experiences into long-term memory, knowing that as we age we will most likely no longer have these regenerative brain waves. It can be said that deep sleep and brain waves are a major sign of physiological youth.


What is light sleep

1. Light sleep and many dreams

You seem to be sleeping all night. When you close your eyes, it is a dream. When there is movement, you wake up. Some wake up early. No matter what time you fall asleep, you will wake up at three o’clock in the morning. Insomnia patients know that the most painful time is when they can't fall asleep.


2. Poor sleep quality

Although many people can fall asleep, they feel that sleep cannot relieve fatigue, and they still feel tired after waking up.


3. Difficulty falling asleep

You toss and turn insomnia, and the time to fall asleep is delayed by 1-3 hours. You are sleepy at first, but you can’t fall asleep when you lie on the bed. You toss and turn and think about messy things.

4. Drowsy early and wake up late

Some people feel drowsy, drowsy, and listless during the day, but they are excited and sleepless at night. They fall asleep on the sofa when they are studying, having meetings, classes, or watching TV. no.


5. Sleep sensory disturbance

Lack of real sense of sleep. Although many people can fall asleep soundly, they firmly believe that they are not asleep after waking up, while the person or spouse in the same room says that he has been snoring.

Wear a smart watch to quickly understand your sleep status and master your deep sleep and light sleep time. Only after you fully understand, can you make better targeted adjustments.


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