The 5 Most Common Causes Of Neck Pain

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With the development of computers and cell phones, sore shoulders and necks have become a nightmare for modern people.

The weight of the head is about one tenth of body weight, and the head of a 60 kg person weighs about 6 kg, the same as a bowling ball. But as long as the head moves forward an inch, the load on the neck doubles to 12 kg.

On the other hand, shoulder and neck pain are also natural signs of aging. The causes of “shoulder and neck pain” are explained below.

Sometimes it's not just cell phones and computers that are overused, these 5 major diseases can also be caused.


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â– Herniated disc

There are seven cervical vertebrae that support the head and connect the thoracic vertebrae. The discs of the cervical spine lose elasticity with age, coupled with long-term extrusion and wear and tear, the cervical discs narrow or protrude, compressing nerves and causing pain. The main symptoms of a herniated cervical disc are stiffness or pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back, which can also cause headaches, shoulder, and neck pain. Some people also experience numbness in their hands or stiffness in their lower extremities.

â– Cervical stenosis

With increasing age, the intervertebral discs in the cervical spine lose their elasticity and are no longer stable between the vertebrae. To maintain stability, the vertebrae grow bony spurs and the ligaments become hypertrophic with age, while the nerve foramina through which the cervical nerve runs narrow. Symptoms usually begin with pain in the neck and then spread to the shoulders, hands, and fingers.

â–  Osteoarthritis

Neck joints degenerate day by day and bones rub against each other. It is usually most uncomfortable to wake up in the morning and is relieved by activities, and at night it hurts again and the pain extends to the neck and mid-shoulder blades. In addition to bone disorders, long-lasting shoulder and neck pain can also be caused by mental illnesses.

â–  Fear

Anxiety attacks are almost equated with shoulder and neck pain. People with anxiety disorders worry about things and things, and their whole body is tense. It hurts more under pressure and when it hurts the pressure becomes even harder to deal with and small things become big things. Antidepressants and short-term tranquilizers and sleep aids are effective for pain caused by anxiety disorders.

â– Somatization

Pain, difficulty swallowing, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, etc. Many parts are uncomfortable, but no physical cause can be found. Such patients will continue to seek medical attention, take medication, or undergo surgery, causing unnecessary physical harm.

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If you feel discomfort in your shoulder and neck, you should seek medical advice in good time. Also, exercise is very important. Wear the Smartwatch and let it monitor your sports data.



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