What Exercises Can You Do When You Have A Cold?

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People accustomed to sports sometimes encounter this situation: when they wake up, they suddenly feel that something is wrong, and the slight itching in the throat that appeared the day before has turned into sneezing, runny nose and others developed the usual cold symptoms.

For some people with very regular work and rest, this minor illness disrupted their plans. So can the original exercise plan still stick to it? Will it make the condition worse? Should I take a break? Is it a problem to keep exercising?

In fact, a mild illness doesn't mean we can't move properly. It is crucial to assess the current physical condition. In some cases, the right exercise can even help us feel better.

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Exercise principle: follow the “neck as the limit”

Despite the misconception that exercising when sick certainly makes it worse, exercising when sick doesn't necessarily harm our immune system. In fact, if a person exercises regularly, their body will not give up the activity when they are in a disease-fighting state.

Michael Gleason, a professor at Loughborough University's School of Sports and Health Sciences in the UK, pointed out that everyone can follow one rule - "take the neck as the limit": if our symptoms are higher than the neck, such as running nose, sore throat or stuffy nose. Then it's okay to exercise moderately and sweat a little. If our symptoms are below the throat, such as coughing, chest tightness, nausea, or joint pain, then we should avoid exercise and exercise only lightly until symptoms improve for at least two days.

In addition, if you already have high fever symptoms, no sport is actually possible. In order to prevent exhaustion, it is best to measure your body temperature before running. If the body temperature is higher than 38.9 °C, even if you are not so uncomfortable, you must stay at home and rest.

What to do if you have a cold?

  • Walk

A cold can affect our energy levels, but even a 20-minute walk can give us the benefits of regular exercise and help us relieve our cold symptoms. When our noses feel stuffy, walking encourages us to breathe deeply and helps open our airways. But if walking or any type of physical activity makes us feel worse, we should stop and rest immediately.

  • Jog

If you usually insist on jogging, you don't have to quit because of a mild cold. Andrea Hulse, a general practitioner in Maryland, USA, said he has a few running friends who say running makes them feel better when they're sick. "Running is a natural decongestant, especially for nasal congestion, and it helps clear our mind."


  • Yoga

When fighting an infection like a cold, the body releases the stress hormone cortisol. Research suggests that stress-relieving techniques like yoga and breathing exercises can help boost immunity. Also, gentle stretching can help relieve aches and pains associated with colds and sinus infections. Another study also found that humming is a great way to relieve nasal congestion.


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