Five Tips For Making A Good First Date Impression

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You’ve been single for a while, and finally a date shows up. You/you definitely don’t want to mess it up. You always want to make a good impression on the other person on the first date. You will be directly rejected if you go online. If you have a good impression, you will definitely have a second or third follow-up. So what should you do? Let's take a look below!

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#1 Dress well and look clean

This is the basic of the basics. People are visual animals. Even if you are not very handsome or beautiful, you still have to dress yourself up. Boys should at least have clean and tidy clothes, and comb their hair well. And girls can put on light makeup, wear clothes that can show their charm, and then decide the appropriate dress according to the location of the date. If the first date is going to the beach, it seems a bit inappropriate to wear a suit. Taking care of yourself is not only a way to help yourself, but also a kind of respect for the other party.


#2 Be talkative and don’t rush to talk, and the communication will come and go

On the first date, you don’t know each other very well. Maybe the other party doesn’t know what to talk about. When you encounter this kind of moment, you/you need to show your conversation skills and take the initiative to throw things out to continue the good atmosphere. The topic can be Focus on social current affairs, movies, food, travel, etc., and express your views in a timely manner. Of course, don’t just talk one-sidedly. Give the other party a chance to express. Dating with the opposite sex is like Just like playing tennis, it is only correct when there is back and forth.


#3 Don’t be late, respect each other’s time

Today, regardless of boys or girls, the concept of time is very important. Just like going to a company for an interview, no company will like an interviewer who is late for the first meeting, because it means disrespecting the job. Similarly, Unless there are really urgent and important things that will be late, please be early or be on time, this is the embodiment of the importance of this date. A well-fitting watch can help you manage your time better and make you look more organized and professional.


#4 Be genuine without being arrogant, be natural

There are many people who want to show their best side to each other when they are on a first date, and even show themselves exaggeratedly, such as their income, life experience, world they have seen...etc, but many Sometimes this will backfire and make people feel a little arrogant and arrogant. Instead of overinflating yourself, it is better to show your most sincere side naturally, which will make the other person feel your true self.


#5 Boys pay generously, girls don’t take advantage

On a first solo date, should the guy pay the bill, or should the bill be split equally? This problem has troubled many people, but in fact, when paying the bill, boys can show their generous side, regardless of whether they pay in full or not. Tell me how much you want to give or say "I will change it next time", so that you can not only save face but also take into account politeness, and you can also have a chance for the next date, killing two birds with one stone!

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The above 5 points have been achieved. Basically, half of the good impression has been completed on the first date. Of course, there are still many points to pay attention to. However, if you/you are going on a date recently, you may wish to refer to these five tips first, and it may be helpful. help!


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