8 Ways to Prevent Migraine Attacks

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Migraine is a chronic, episodic, neurovascular disease, often with recurrent head pain, unilateral or multi-sided head pain, and throbbing pain symptoms. Although migraine is not a serious illness, it can make people feel "worse than death" when they attack. With some preventive measures, the occurrence of migraine can be effectively reduced.

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1. Avoid foods that cause migraines

Some food stimuli can trigger migraines and should be avoided as much as possible, such as:

(1) Foods high in tyramine, such as coffee, chocolate, and dairy products.

(2) Animal fat, try to avoid eating fatty meat, animal oil, etc.

(3) Alcoholic beverages: including red wine, liquor, etc.

(4) Beef sausage, meat pickles, soy sauce, etc.

(5) Foods containing nitrite, such as: pickles, cured meat or fish, ham and other foods.


2. Get enough sleep

Severe lack of sleep for a long time, habitually staying up late, can induce migraine.

For people with migraines, sleep is especially important, and refuse to turn day and night upside down.

Sleeping too much or too little is not good for migraines. Sleep about 7-8 hours a night, and try to fix the time of falling asleep and waking up every day.


3. Aerobic exercise

The endorphins your body releases during aerobic exercise can help relieve pain, and exercise can also help relieve stress.

Getting regular exercise can prevent headaches, but exercise is not recommended during a migraine attack.


4. Yoga

Exercise that gets your heart pumping can prevent migraines, but for some sufferers, it can also be a headache trigger.

In contrast, yoga is more gentle and suitable for more patients.

Studies have shown that regular yoga classes can reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.


5. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially dark green vegetables

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially dark green vegetables, can help prevent migraines.


6. Pay attention to eat more foods rich in vitamin B

Vitamins B can nourish the nerves and help prevent migraines.

Foods rich in B vitamins include: whole grains, beans, animal liver, eggs, etc.


7. Avoid sleeping with wet hair

Going to bed with wet hair after washing can easily induce headaches.

Because moisture stays on the surface of the scalp for a long time, the temperature of the scalp will be too low, which will affect the blood circulation of the brain.


8. Pay attention to relaxation and avoid mental tension

Stress, mental stress, and physical exertion can all trigger migraines.

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If you're looking to relieve migraine symptoms through exercise and sleep, a smartwatch can be your best aid. It can track various data of your body, allowing you to make timely adjustments.


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