How To Reduce Noise In Life

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Noise refers to all sounds that disturb people's rest, study and work, that is, all sounds that interfere with people's normal lives, collectively referred to as noise. When people live in an environment with excessive noise for a long time, they experience symptoms such as irritability, rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite and restless sleep. Noise is harmful to people's physical and mental health, and also causes some environmental pollution.

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So what is the source of the noise?

The most common pollution in people's life is air pollution and noise pollution. The latter is more evident in our daily lives. There are two types of noise: internal noise and external noise. Internal noise refers to the noise generated by equipment or machinery due to work or self-destruction; external noise is divided into two types: natural noise and artificial noise. Natural noise is the noise generated in the natural environment, such as wind noise and lightning noise. Natural noise cannot be eliminated, and the damage can only be reduced by the body's own protective measures. Man-made noise refers to the noise generated by human activities that also form part of everyday life Largest component of noise. Structure-borne noise can be reduced or even completely eliminated by suitable protective measures.


Now that you know the cause of the noise problem, how can you get rid of it?


(1) Reduce and eliminate noise from the sound source:

The most basic factor of noise is that there is a sound source, and only by eliminating the sound source can the noise be completely eliminated. If the noise generated by the normal operation of machines and equipment is to be completely eliminated, it is necessary for the machines and equipment to stop working, which is contrary to the current state of social development. Therefore, this type of noise cannot be completely eliminated, and some sound-absorbing materials can only be added to its working and heat-dissipating devices to reduce the decibels of its noise.


(2) Reduce and eliminate noise on the transmission path:

The transmission of noise requires a medium and air is the best medium. Noise cannot be transmitted and completely eliminated in a vacuum environment. Therefore, some more sophisticated instruments have a vacuum device embedded in their case to completely eliminate the effects of noise on their functions. Due to the high cost of the vacuum environment, it is difficult to realize, so it is not widely used. The more extensive measures to reduce and eliminate noise in everyday life are:

1. Rough wall method: If the wall is too smooth, it is easy to cause echoes in the room, increasing the volume of the sounds. Therefore, wallpaper and other decoration materials with better sound-absorbing effects can be selected, and culture stone and other decoration materials can be used to roughen the wall surface to reduce noise. In addition, soundproofing materials such as mineral wool soundproofing panels can be used for walls and ceilings.

2. Soundproofing of curtains: draped and tiled fabrics have the best sound-absorbing effect and effect, so thicker curtains should be used for soundproofing in the room. In addition, the carpet is laid. Its soft touch can not only bring you a comfortable and warm feeling, but also eliminate the sound of footsteps, which is conducive to people's rest. In order to ensure a quiet resting environment in the bedroom, thick curtain fabrics should be selected to control interference from external noise.

3. Where to put wooden furniture: The fiber porosity of wooden furniture allows it to absorb noise. When buying furniture, you can correctly consider the choice of wooden furniture and use cork floors as decoration. The location of the furniture should also be specially placed on windows, doors or places where noise is generated in the house to absorb noise and reduce the noise decibel.

4. The wall facing the street should be thicker: the wall and windows facing the street should be soundproof. Convert street-facing windows to "soundproof windows" such as B. Double-layer windows or plastic-steel windows, which can be effectively soundproof, and use insulating glass for better soundproofing effects. In addition, during the decoration period, a layer of gypsum board can be attached to the street-side wall, the space between the wall and gypsum board can be filled with sound-absorbing cotton wool, and then wallpaper or wall paint can be pasted on the gypsum board.

5. Set up electrical appliances separately When buying household appliances, you must consciously consider low operating noise as one of the selection criteria. Choose household appliances with relatively good muting effect and avoid using them at the same time. Almost all household appliances produce high or low decibel noise, so pay attention when placing electrical appliances indoors and try not to gather electrical appliances in one room. If the sound pressure level is too high, do not place it in or near the bedroom or living room, and try to avoid using high-powered electrical appliances at the same time. In the case of excessive noise from electrical appliances, check in time whether there is a problem and fix the problem in time.

6. Public places such as hospitals, schools, etc. should have clear signs prohibiting car horns and loud noises on the nearby roads, and should also set up special monitoring stations to carry out random noise checks at different times. If the noise exceeds the norm in a certain period of time, corresponding strict measures must be taken to control it, such as: B. Banning vehicles from approaching and banning the use of high-power speakers and other devices in residential areas.

7. Plant plants to reduce ambient noise. It is best to plant a large number of trees, flowers, etc., which is conducive to the tranquility of the area. Environmental experts pointed out that green trees, lawns, flowers and plants can not only regulate the temperature and humidity in the surrounding air and purify the air, but also reduce the noise of the environment.

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