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Smartwatch with Activity Tracking
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Video call student watch W14DH89S

Video call student watch W14DH89S

With a photo album, micro chat, and crazy speed learning, it encourages creativity and educational growth. You'll also find an alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, and meter, providing convenience in a...
smart watches for health

Blood sugar sports call smartwatch W30T880

Discover our feature-packed Blood Sugar Sports Call Smartwatch! With blood pressure monitoring and comprehensive health functions, it's perfect for your active lifestyle. Stay motivated with step/calorie/distance tracking, multiple motion modes,...
smart watch with heart rate

Advanced health monitoring smartwatch W30ET8210

With ECG electrocardiogram functionality, Bluetooth communication, and non-invasive blood glucose measurement, it enables comprehensive health monitoring at your fingertips. Stay on top of your cardiovascular health.  Specifications: basic parameter Function...
Multifunctional children's smartwatch W14HW813

Multifunctional children's smartwatch W14HW813

The address book keeps your contacts organized, while the video call feature lets you stay connected face-to-face. Dialing is made effortless, and the camera captures precious moments to cherish in...
new smart watches

Cool sports health detection smart watch W29ZL028PRO

Discover our Cool Sports Health Detection Smart Watch with multi-sport capabilities! Whether you're walking, running, cycling, jumping rope, playing basketball, football, badminton, or swimming, this watch has got you covered....
can a smart watch read blood pressure

Monitor Your Blood Pressure with a Smart Watch W29QX89

Enhance your fitness journey with the Continuous heart rate Bluetooth smartwatch. This sleek watch utilizes Bluetooth technology and continuous heart rate monitoring for a highly accurate and luxurious experience.  Specifications:...
circle smart watch

Health detection sports smartwatch W29QX85

This sleek and stylish device offers a wide range of features to enhance your well-being. With heart rate monitoring,  and sleep monitoring, you can track your vital signs and gain...
smart watch itouch

The Ultimate Dual-mode Bluetooth Outdoor Smartwatch W29MK866

Stay connected and make a statement with the iTouch Smartwatch. This stylish and feature-packed wearable is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. It features a full-screen touch display...
smart watches that monitor blood pressure

Social multi-functional black Tech smartwatch W29KT864

This watch offers a stunning visual experience and easy navigation. It includes essential health features such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen level tracking, and blood pressure measurement. Specifications:  ...
smart watch with long battery life

Hd sports smart watch with large screen W29D89

The Hd sports smart watch is the ideal companion for active lifestyles. It features a large HD screen, and allows you to track your fitness and health goals with the...
designer smart watch

Luxury material call smart sports watch W29D86

Equipped with an AI voice assistant, this watch provides you with convenient hands-free control. Simply use your voice to manage tasks, set reminders, and get answers to your questions. Specifications:...
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Activity-tracking smart watch W20ZL854C

Stay connected and active with the Smartwatch. With features like heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking and music playing, this watch is the perfect companion to keep you up to date...