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Mileage Calorie counting multifunctional watch W2313863

Mileage Calorie counting multifunctional watch W2313863

The Mileage Calorie counting multifunctional watch offers a comprehensive set of features for outdoor enthusiasts. It comes with a pedometer, mileage and calorie counting functions. Specifications: Movement: electronic movement Net...
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Non-invasive blood sugar smartwatch BPT8

Packed with features tailored for runners, this waterproof smartwatch is your perfect fitness companion.With the integrated Blood Glucose and Blood Oxygen Monitors, you can monitor your health on the go. ...
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Waterproof luminous watch W06OPK88105W

Experience the perfect combination of reliability and style with our latest timepiece. Powered by an imported quartz movement, this watch offers accurate timekeeping. Specifications: Movement: imported quartz movement Watchband: stainless...
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Luminous waterproof women's watch W11S8906W

This watch features luminous display for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions and is also waterproof for worry-free wear. Additionally, the calendar and week display functions offer convenience in managing your...

Diamond-encrusted mechanical women's watch W28CX88837

This diamond-encrusted mechanical women's watch is perfect for those looking to add a touch of elegance to their wardrobe. Its sophisticated design is sure to garner admiration, with luxurious accents...

Solid color dial diamond set fashion watch W28CX88836

With a sleek 34mm dial diameter and a 16mm bandwidth, this watch combines elegance and style effortlessly. The original mechanical movement ensures accurate timekeeping, while the alloy case material adds...
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Peacock screen hollow dial mechanical watch W28CX88835

Delight in its captivating combination of a hollow dial and openwork peacock motif which adds an air of timeless beauty to any outfit. Stay precise with a mechanical drive movement....
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Women's watch with diamond butterfly dial W28CX88834

This exquisite timepiece features an intricately designed butterfly dial encrusted with diamonds, making it the perfect accessory for a modern day fashionista. The Women's Watch is the ideal combination of...
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Diamond-encrusted mechanical watch with steel band W28CX88833

This timepiece is a testament to refined style and sophistication. Crafted from a steel band and boasting a diamond-encrusted outer rim, the Mechanical Watch will be sure to turn heads....
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Goddess gift mechanical hollow watch W28CX88832

The Goddess Gift Mechanical Hollow Watch is the perfect blend of luxury and sophistication. With an exquisitely designed mechanical hollow body, it is sure to make any wrist look as...
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Women's hollow circular dial mechanical watch W28CX88830

Combining a stylish hollow circular dial with the precise craftsmanship of a mechanical watch, this beautiful timepiece complements every outfit with its elegance and sophistication. 
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Women's automatic hollow mechanical watch W28CX88823

Elevate your style with this exquisite, full-automated timepiece. Its intricate, hollowed out design complements any ensemble with its sophisticated air, while its mechanical movements keep precise and accurate time.