BP Doctor Pro 15 Wearable Precise Blood Pressure Smartwatch

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Wrist precise blood pressure electrocardiogram recorder Blood pressure, electrocardiogram health management, smartwatch Airbag pump type true blood pressure measurement ECG electrocardiogram, uric acid, blood glucose, and blood lipid monitoring blood pressure...

Color: Black


Band Material: TPU


Bottom shell: PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel

PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel

Wrist precise blood pressure electrocardiogram recorder Blood pressure, electrocardiogram health management, smartwatch

Airbag pump type true blood pressure measurement ECG electrocardiogram, uric acid, blood glucose, and blood lipid monitoring blood pressure voice broadcasting function, low power consumption, long endurance, multi-dimensional health management reminder professional motion algorithm remote care for family and friends


Air pump airbag blood pressure measurement

The air pump and airbag type measure bloodp ressure more accurately, using soft and environmentally friendly materials based on clever ergonomic design, micro air pump airbag, lightweight and skin friendly, comfortable and safer to wearBP DOCTOR PRO 15

Detachable airbag strap

The strap type airbag is detachable and can be installed with one click during measurement easy and convenient operation, without affecting normal wear

Air pump airbag type one click measurement more accurate blood pressure

One click measurement, one click stop, easy to operate, easy to get started, parents can also lightweight operation with two built-in methods for fast and convenient measurement parents operate, always keep track of their blood pressure status, safe accompanying every day


1Correct guidance for more accurate measurement

Guide you to measure blood pressure correctly measure posture, and make it the measured data is more accurate, and the watch is combined with intelligent Al measurement assistance function automatically identifying abnormal measurements.


Measurement posture: refers to the posture maintained from measurement until the device displays successful measurement actions that do not meet the standard measurement posture may affect the measurement results To ensure measurement accuracy it is recommended to sit still for at least 5 minutes before measurement. The standard measurement posture is as follows as shown in the following figure:


Accurate blood pressure measurement using an air pump +PPG blood pressure monitoring

Based on the high-performance micropump and PPG sensor of the watch, adopting innovation blood pressure measurement technology, achieving real-time blood pressure measurement function and issuing measuring values allows you to proactively manage blood pressure health.


Intelligent voice broadcast reminder

Full voice broadcast reminder to prevent incorrect operation make it easier for parents to operate, with voice measurement prompts data broadcasting voice diagnosis, and more accurate measurement results clarified.

bp doctor

Heart Health Advisor ECG collection

Based on built-in ECG high-performance sensors the module supports ECG acquisition signals and measures ECG functions and generate an electrocardiogram

pro 15

ECG electrocardiogram APP takes you to interpret

After completing the measurement, the APP can directly view its measurement results all numerical values are clear and easy to understand on the APP at a glance Helping you have a more comprehensive understanding of heart health

bp doctor ecg

Heart rate monitoring function

The monitoring function of heart rate adopts photoelectric sensors and two sets light source thanks to advanced Al algorithms, more accurate monitor heart rate and issue a reminder when heart rate is too high or too low help you keep an eye on your heart health.

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Non invasive blood glucose monitoring

Non invasive blood glucose testing is more convenient to operate and avoids the risk of reinfection simultaneously monitoring can help you timely understand whether your blood is healthy or not always remind us of our health status

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Blood oxygen saturation monitoring

Low blood oxygen saturation can easily lead to cerebral hypoxia prolonged exposure to low oxygen levels can lead to heart attacks brain and other injuries, early warning of blood oxygen monitoringyour health status helps you stay healthy

bp doctor pro 15

Scientific sleep monitoring

Equipped with intelligent Al algorithm for sleep monitoring, whether deep or shallow sleep can monitor and deeply evaluate sleep quality to help you develop it good daily habits

bp doctor pro 15

Uric acid monitoring function

High uric acid levels are prone to gout and joint pain real time monitoring of uric acid is crucial for diseases such as diabetes watches can perform real-time continuous monitoring, helping you healthier

uric acid monitoring

Blood lipid monitoring function

Blood lipids are related to vascular health, and when blood lipids are high risk of stroke and other diseasesblood lipid monitoring can help you detect disease risks early on helping you stay focused on your health at all times

Scientific temperature monitoring

The watch has a built-in temperature sensor for measuring high and low temperatures in the human body as long as I knew, when the body temperature is too high or too low, it still emits urgent reminder always pay attention to your health.

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More thoughtful health management

Temperature measurement, breathing training sedentary reminders, etc., multi-dimensional conduct health management to help you pay comprehensive attention to your physical health condition, making you healthier on the road to struggle

Remote family and friend care

After connecting to Bluetooth, the app supports home space data sharing can view family health data reports and more at any time let care not be absent

remote family and friend care

Multiple sports modes

Running, cycling, fitness, badminton, basketball and more sports mode to meet your sports choices at different times accompanying you to witness sports records together exercise is more standardized and healthy

Care Reminder Never Miss

After connecting to Bluetooth, receive various information push notifications Incoming calls WeChat, SMS, APP information, etc never miss important care

Weather forecast function

Hiking, going out, weather like, watch connected to app after Bluetooth, sunny, rainy, windy watch in advance If I had known earlier it would have been safer for you to go out

Strong endurance and long-lasting power

260mAh high capacity battery, paired with low-power Bluetooth charge for 2 hours and have a full week of battery life, allowing you to strong power and long-lasting endurance on the way forward

IP67 waterproof

The watch is equipped with a precise waterproof ring which is fearless rain, sweat, domestic water, etc not to mention anything

Rich Application Assistant

Intelligent stopwatch, alarm clock, remote photography music control, etc rich and intelligent life assistant waiting for you to explore together

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Product parameter specifications

Hardware information
Product model PRO 15
Product size 273*46*13MM
Blood oxygen AFE4950+SFH2703
PPG chip AFE4950
Air pressure sensor Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensor
Temperature sensor CT1711 array
Blood pressure type Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure
LCD 1.42 -inch IPS color screen TFT 360*360 retina high-definition full touch screen
Motor Support
Charging mode Magnetic charging (with short circuit protection)
Water proof IP67 waterproof
Battery capacity 260mAh
Software function
Health monitoring 1. Air pump+airbag type true blood pressure precise testing, blood pressure voice broadcast, TPU ultra-thin comfortable airbag (detachable)
2. ECG electrocardiogram, AI intelligent diagnosis
3. Health management functions such as real-time monitoring of blood sugar, uric acid, blood lipids, body temperature, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, sleep, and sedentary reminders
Remote care Real time monitoring data shared by APP family or friends
Accessibility High body temperature reminder, high heart rate reminder, sedentary reminder, weather forecast
Brightness Adjustment Step counting, calorie count, distance, exercise mode, message reminder, call rejection, alarm reminder, shake and take photos, sedentary reminder, stopwatch timer, music control, etc
Multi-sport mode Exercise recording, multiple exercise modes (pedometer, calorie burning, mileage, and display of exercise trends per time period)
Message notification Call, SMS, Email, WeChat, QQ, FacebookTwitterWhatsAppLinkedInInstagramMessengerSnapchatLineKakao TalkViberSkypetelegram
Dial selection App multiple dial optionsCustom dial
Remote control music Control the phone player to pause the previous and next songs
APP Healthwear
OTA upgrade Support
Message Push Language Language: English, Chinese Jane, Russian, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italy, Portugal, Korean, Polish, Malaysian, Chinese fan,
Message Push Language APP languages: Chinese, traditional, English, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Persian, Irish, Slovak, Norwegian, Korean, Croatian, Swedish
APP System Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above
Additional Information

Black, Red, Blue

Band Material


Bottom shell

PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel