BP Doctor Pro 15B Wearable Precise Blood Pressure Smartwatch

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Wrist precise blood pressure electrocardiogram recorder Blood pressure, electrocardiogram health management, smartwatch Airbag pump type true blood pressure measurement ECG electrocardiogram, uric acid, blood glucose, and blood lipid monitoring blood pressure...

Color: Black


Band Material: TPU


Bottom shell: PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel

PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel

Wrist precise blood pressure electrocardiogram recorder Blood pressure, electrocardiogram health management, smartwatch

Airbag pump type true blood pressure measurement ECG electrocardiogram, uric acid, blood glucose, and blood lipid monitoring blood pressure voice broadcasting function, low power consumption, long endurance, multi-dimensional health management reminder professional motion algorithm remote care for family and friends

bp doctor

Classic watch design lightweight and portable comfortable to wear

1.42 "IPS screen, important information visible when lifted. Alloy streamlined body, paired with the hard metal bezel and exquisite textured crown showcase elegant quality. integrated airbag wristband paired with environmentally friendly silicone strap, allowing for flexible adjustment of wrist circumference made of high elastic airbag material, it fits comfortably around the wrist.

blood pressure measurement

Accurate blood pressure measurement keep track of blood pressure at all times

Adopting the principle of "oscilloscope" measurement, using a micro air pump, elastic airbags, and high-precision precision hardware design of sensors to achieve accurate blood pressure on portable smartwatches measurement function.

bp doctor med

High precision pressure measuring component pressure accuracy within ¬Ī 3mm Hg

precision pressure measuring

Two blood pressure measurement modes proactive and monitorable

Quick measurement mode: no need to wear airbags, fast and convenient, can be used for monitoring,(If precise data is required, please use precision testing mode)

Precision measurement mode:wearing airbags, pressurizing airbags for more accurate measurements, ready to respond at any time the needs of different scenarios.

Thoughtful operation guidance quick to get started it can also be voice broadcasted for elders to use friendly

Measurement steps

Preparation before testing
Before measuring blood pressure, the subject should sit quietly for 15 minutes to maintain a calm mood the measured values are accurate.

  • Use a tape measure to measure the wrist circumference of the left arm (the small bone extends upwards by 2cm to the left right)
  • Please wear it correctly as shown in the picture, with moderate elasticity and not too loose or too tight (the watch body is placed on the back of the wrist, and the airbag naturally extends)

Correct guidance for more accurate measurement

Guide you to measure blood pressure correctly measure posture, and make it the measured data is more accurate, and the watch is combined with intelligent Al measurement assistance function automatically identifying abnormal measurements.

Measurement posture: refers to the posture maintained from measurement until the device displays successful measurement actions that do not meet the standard measurement posture may affect the measurement results To ensure measurement accuracy it is recommended to sit still for at least 5 minutes before measurement. The standard measurement posture is as follows as shown in the following figure:


Professional and professional evaluation comparison of blood pressure monitor evaluations

Compared with professional blood pressure measuring instruments on the market through professional testing the measurement results of the watch are generally consistent, and the accuracy is quite high

Quick measurement mode: no need to wear airbags, fast and convenient, can be used for monitoring,(If precise data is required, please use precision testing mode)<br>Precision measurement mode:wearing airbags, pressurizing airbags for more accurate measurements, ready to respond at any time the needs of different scenarios.

ECG electrocardiogram collection record electrocardiogram activity at any time

A signal processing algorithm designed for the characteristics of watch electrocardiogram signals, extracting effective information ECG signal, removing various noise interferences achieving accurate ECG acquisition. you can also view the. complete electrocardiogram through the app.

Complex electrocardiogram professional interpretation for you quickly

After intelligent electrocardiogram measurement, the electrocardiogram can be viewed on the APP through the APP measure data and view recent electrocardiogram status to help you gain a deeper understanding of your heart potential risks to dirty health.

24-hour tracking and detection discover abnormalities and promptly remind them

24/7 heart rate monitoring
Support all-weather heart rate monitoring, with reminders for high and low heart rates more considerate heart health protection function.

heart rate monitoring

24/7 blood oxygen saturation monitoring

Support setting blood oxygen threshold, when it falls below a specific value for a certain period of time, the watch will provide you with a warning and take care of your blood oxygen health

blood oxygen monitoring

Non invasive blood glucose monitoring

Non invasive blood glucose monitoring function, real-time monitoring, real-time reminder of health status it can better prevent the risk of disease occurrence in advance.

blood glucose monitoring

Blood lipid monitoring

Monitoring blood lipids to constantly monitor physical health status, while also monitoring the measurement results should prevent the risk of "three highs" diseases as early as possible.

Blood lipid monitoring

Uric acid monitoring

Real time uric acid monitoring to detect health conditions and prevent them early be vigilant about the occurrence of uric acid disease.

Uric acid monitoringScientific sleep monitoring

Scientific sleep monitoring, recording sleep patterns and duration automatic recognition of deep sleep and light sleep knowing whether the watch is sleeping well or not.

sleep monitoring

More health dimension management seriously guarding every side of you

Respiratory rate

 Provide respiratory relaxation guidance relieve high-pressure conditions

Long sitting reminder

Set sedentary reminders regularly remind you of activities

Body temperature measurement

Built in temperature measurement sensor measure wrist temperature at any time

Family Health Data Sharing

no matter how far away care is right beside you

After connecting the watch to the APP and inviting friends and family, you can check each other's blood pressure health data such as heart rate, sleep, and exercise, even when not around, can timely understand each other's health status.

Multiple sports modes find a healthy rhythm that suits oneself

Supports running, cycling, mountaineering, elliptical machines rowing machines, and more sports mode, professional mode is more optimized, and sports monitoring is more accurate.

Professional Sports Medal developing healthy check-inhabits

After connecting the watch to the app, you can check your daily exercise anytime in the app data, and the ability to view historical activity data at any time to cultivate one's own health

Support incoming call reminders don't miss important information

After connecting to the phone via Bluetooth, it can support incoming call reminders SMS, WeChat, APP information, etc. can all be received and viewed never miss important connections

 Weather forecast

Sunny, rainy, and cloudy weather changes can be detected on the wrist not only knowing the weather of the day, but also knowing the weather of the week no rain or wind the watch should inform you early.

300mAh strong endurance long term companionship is more reassuring
One charge can complete:

Music control listen if you want to                            IP67 dust and waterproof


 More diverse dials on the wrist

Massive dials are all around the wrist. After connecting to the APP, the dial market rich and diverse downloads at your fingertips as well as customized dials for your exclusive use watch dial, your watch dial is up to you

Parameter specifications


Product Model BP Doctor Pro 15B
Main Feature Air pump+airbag type accurate blood pressure testing, blood pressure voice broadcasting, TPU ultra-thin comfortable airbag (detachable), ECG electrocardiogram, AI intelligent diagnosis, blood glucose monitoring, uric acid monitoring, blood lipid monitoring, body temperature monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, respiratory rate, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder and other health management functions.  Exercise function: step count/calorie count/distance,
Multiple sports modes,  Remote family and friend care function
APP market multi dial switching, custom main dial, call and message reminders, weather forecast, stopwatch, music control, wrist up display, alarm clock, and multiple languages. 1.39-inch retina high-definition full touch screen
Blood pressure type Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure
Air pressure sensor Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensor
Master Chip RTL8762DW
Blood oxygen AFE4950+SFH2703
CT1711 array
PPG chip AFE4950
Virbation Mute/vibrate
Compatible System Android 6.0 and aboveÔľĆiOS 11 and above¬†
Health characteristic functions, etc Air pump+balloon type accurate blood pressure testing, ECG electrocardiogram, blood glucose monitoring, independent and accurate blood oxygen, body temperature, blood lipids, uric acid,, respiratory rate, heart rate, sleep monitoring, remote relatives and friends care.
Long-distance care of relatives and friends App family or friends share real-time monitoring data
Other Functions Step counting, calorie, distance, sleep monitoring, exercise mode, call reminder, alarm clock reminder, raise my hand and brighten the screen, information reminder, etc.
Screen Size  1.42-inch retina high-definition full touch screen 360 * 360
Screen Type IPS HD TFT
BLuetooth 5.0BLE
Battery Type High density li-polymer
Battery Capcaity 300mAh
Charging Type Magnetic charging (with short circuit protection)
Charging Time About 3-4H
Endurance  Time Use for 7-10 days and stand by for 30-40 days
Manipulation Mode  Full screen touch control, mobile APP control
Language Language: English, Chinese Jane, Russian, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italy, Portugal, Korean, Polish, Malaysian, Chinese fan,

APP languages: Chinese, traditional, English, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Persian, Irish, Slovak, Norwegian, Korean, Croatian, Swedish
Material Shell: metal alloy bottom
shell: PC + ABS + Medical 316 steel sheet, watchband: Environmental Protection Silicone, air bag: environmental protection TPU material
Color 3 colors (black/blue/red)
Packing Watch, air bag, charging line, instruction manual, Packing Box
Bracelet size 260 *46* 13MM (length, width and height)This watch fits your wrist in the 4.5-8.5inches.
Box Szie Exquisite packaging gift box: 122 * 107 * 78MM (length, width, thickness)

 Detachable airbag strap

The strap type airbag is detachable and can be installed with one click during measurement easy and convenient operation, without affecting normal wear

Additional Information

Black, Red, Blue

Band Material


Bottom shell

PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel