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Non-invasive blood sugar smartwatch BPT8

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Packed with features tailored for runners, this waterproof smartwatch is your perfect fitness companion.With the integrated Blood Glucose and Blood Oxygen Monitors, you can monitor your health on the go.  Feature:...

Color: Black


Material: Steel mesh watch band

Steel mesh watch band

Packed with features tailored for runners, this waterproof smartwatch is your perfect fitness companion.With the integrated Blood Glucose and Blood Oxygen Monitors, you can monitor your health on the go. 


ECG electrocardiogram Independent and accurate blood oxygen measurement Precise body temperature measurement Real-time heart rate measurement
Photoelectric automatic blood pressure measurement Sleep monitoring Respiratory rate measurement Heart rate alarm
Family and friends remote care Multi-sport mode Exercise measurement (step/calorie/distance Sedentary reminder
Raise wrist to brighten the screen Anti-lost reminder Message push Call reminder/reject
OTA upgrade Music control 7-day rolling storage of historical data Remote control camera
WeChat Motion Sync Multiple dials Alarm clock Non-invasive blood sugar
Watch language support: Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, APP language: Chinese, Traditional, English, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Persian (Arabic)


Shell material & color Shell: zinc alloy + vacuum plating (black, silver)
Bottom shell: PC+ABS+Medical grade 316 stainless steel sheet
Strap: TPU strap (black)
Display Tempered glass+IPS HD TFT 1.47 inches 172*320
Compatible System Android 4.4 and aboveÔľĆiOS 8.2 and above Battery capacity Pure cobalt lithium battery 200 mAh with 7-10 days, standby for 30 days (measured)
Processor (MCU main control) 5515I0NDA_QFN56 Touch CST816D full screen touch
body temperature sensor NTC Vibration motor Mute vibration
Photoelectric PPG Analog Front End (PPG AFE) Osram SFH2201 Bluetooth 5.1 BLE (low power consumption)
ECG Analog Front End (ECG AFE) Goodix GH3220 Physical buttons none
Accelerometer STK8321 3-axis sensor (G-SENSOR) Charging interface Magnetic charging with short circuit protection


Noninvasiveblood glucose

Non-invasiveblood glucose

24-hour automatic monitoring

Accurate blood pressure/ECG/Heart rate/Blood oxygen monitoring/Temperature sleep monitoring/Female cycle/Multiple motion modes

Protection blood glucose

Protect the health of blood glucose

People with high blood glucose will have symptoms such as rapid heartbeat and thirst in the early stage, as well as increased urination, nausea and indigestion. Failure to control blood glucose in time will lead to diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease that often requires lifelong medication.

One bond side measure

One-click blood glucose measurement

Easy to operate, No blood collection, continuous

measurement, keep track of your physical condition at any time, and escort your health.

Private mode

Blood glucose private mode

Your personal blood glucose mode, Set your personal blood glucose mode to get more accurate data.

Health consultant

Your health counselor

Focus on health 24 hours a day

Core technology

Core technology

GR5515 Intelligent control chip

High-level production technology and raw materials, stronger processing performance and more accurate for obtain data.

ECG monitoring

ECG testing

Heart Abnormality Test

Utilizing ECG sensor and adopting superconducting powder metallurgy technology according to lead I standard, Collect the ECG waveform of the heart. The same principle as the ECG detection in hospitals help users find abnormalities in time and assess sudden risks.

Disease screening

ECG Disease Symptom Screening&HRV Lorenz Scatter

Multiple electrocardiogram disease screening, he rt halthindex, Lorentz scatter plot. Analysis report, HRV d tamonitoring, APP can view the report the whole pKnow more about heart health.

Blood oxygen

Infrared light for measure

blood oxygen, Lung health is seen every day

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) is the capacity of the blood to combine oxygen and hemoglobin percentage of total hemoglobin capacity. The concentration of blood oxygen in the blood. knowing blood oxygen Level be better for us to understand our health and improve our health. Mental workers, snoring crowds, elderly people, need frequently test blood oxygen.

Heart rate

24-hour heart rate monitoring

Always pay attention to health

24-hour heart rate monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, higher heart rate warning, always take care of your health, you can check specific data on the APP.


Body temperature

Automatic temperature monitoring, Keep abreast of physical changes

Automatically generate measurement curve, dynamic change at a glance, physical signs change for 10 seconds Predict, support automatic measurement, APP

automatically upload and record the last measurement value, Be aware of health changes

Sleep monitoring

Scientific sleep monitoring Deep sleep analysis

Professional field of sleep monitor;collect human body through uninterrupted PG signal\ respiratory quality\ limb information, based on a comparative test of a large amount of data,Recognize sleep status with higher accuracy.every minute/ light wake up /and wake up with detail specification for your improve sleep.

Sport mode

Multiple sports modes Fast burning of fat

Support 20 exercise modes, record your time and heart rate during exercise, Calorie and other data, scientifically adjust the state of exercise.

Magnetic charging

15 days battery life Intelligent power consumption algorithm

Adopt large-capacity battery and intelligent power

consumption algorithm to maximize power consumption,typical use situation can be last for 15 days, keep easy and happy every day.

IP67 waterproof

IP67 dustproof and waterproof Wear worry-free

Match the waterproof requirements of life and sports, sweat,raindrops or splashes.

Female cycle

Female cycle

Care for women's health

Save personal information as women this function can beset according to personal circumstances.

Color matching

Color match Rich and colorful life

A variety of colors, will highlight your temperament.

Additional Information

Black, Red, Gold, Silver


Steel mesh watch band