How To Make A Good Impression On A First Date

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Always wanted to date someone, and when they finally nodded yes, you were too nervous to know how to react, or what to do? If so, then read on, this article will teach you how to make a good impression on a date.

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1 Get ready

Do something that can relax you before the date, such as exercising, reading, yoga, singing your favorite songs, etc., to keep yourself relaxed and happy. Take a shower, spray antiperspirant or deodorant, brush your teeth and hair, and don't forget to put on some clean clothes! A good looking watch is definitely a plus. If you don't know what to talk about, make a list of good starters and questions you can ask in advance. Pets, music tastes, recent good books, favorite outdoor activities, etc. are all good questions. With these questions in mind, don't forget to read the news on the front page of the newspaper.

2 Clean the car

If you drive, wash the car first.

3 Choose places that make your date feel special

If you're not sure if he or she would like the place you've chosen, ask for their opinion. You may want to take him or her to an unusual place for dinner (don't choose a place that is too extreme (for example, too expensive), which may set a bad precedent for future dates).


4 Small gifts

If it's a formal date, you can greet him or her with a small gift, such as a small box of chocolates or a rose. Even better if you know the type of flower or candy your date likes. If it's a more casual first date, and the two of you haven't established a relationship yet, don't send a red rose. This symbolizes passionate love, which may be a little too much for a casual first date. Try baking a delicious treat, gifting a small stuffed animal, or something special to them. Don't make your first date too grand. The best gift is your company.

5 Communicate openly

Chat with your date over a meal and listen to what he or she has to say.


6 Ask questions and learn about the life of your date

Listen a lot, and it's important not to blather so much that they can't cut in. Try to listen more and talk less, but don't let the conversation bog down and stop talking.


7 Look your date in the eye

Make eye contact to show that you are interested.

8 Humor

If you're confident in your humor and wit, try to make them laugh. But don't make long, blah blah blah blah.

9 Compliment your date

Compliments are the best thing you can do on a date, don't be overly exaggerated or insincere, try not to be too cheesy or fake. Find one or more good things about the other person, and then compliment them sincerely.

10 Do something unusual that doesn't cost a fortune

Something that takes thought and time. Don't make it too grand, just go for a walk, or buy them a drink and point them to your favorite zodiac sign. Do something fun together that will impress the other person.

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Learn the above tricks, so that you can also have a perfect date!


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