6 Correct Ways to Skip Rope to Lose Weight

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Skipping rope can lose weight, and it is a very good way to lose weight. Weight loss is fat loss. Exercise to lose weight is not quick, but it is very scientific. It will burn a lot of fat and will not rebound. Can jumping rope lose weight? Rope skipping has a good weight loss effect. In addition to fully exercising the lower limbs, it can also exercise the arms and shoulders well. It is a simple but coordinated way to lose weight throughout the body.

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The correct way to lose weight by skipping rope

1. Use the soles of your feet to take off and land. Remember not to use your whole foot or heel to land, so as not to shock your brain. When jumping in the air, do not bend your body excessively, but use a natural bending posture. When jumping, the breathing should be natural and rhythmic.

2. Hold the handles at both ends of the rope with both hands. Normally, step on the middle of the rope with one foot, bend your elbows to raise your forearm flat, and the rope will be straightened to an appropriate length.

3. When shaking forward, keep the big arms close to the sides of the body, slightly outstretch the elbows, and keep the upper arms approximately horizontal. Use the wrists to make a circular movement with both hands on the side of the body.

4. To practice step by step, the speed and duration of rope skipping should be determined according to individual circumstances. At the beginning, it is enough to exercise for 5-10 minutes each time, and then gradually extend the time.

5. The time for skipping rope is generally not subject to any restrictions, but to avoid causing physical discomfort, do not skip rope within half an hour before and after meals. And don't drink a lot of water before jumping rope.

6. Do not stop immediately after the rope skipping exercise. You should continue to skip rope at a slower speed or walk for a period of time to allow the blood circulation to return to normal before stopping. Afterwards, remember to do some stretching and relaxation exercises to truly end the exercise.


Precautions to prevent injury from jumping rope

The first is the selection of venues and tools. Although rope skipping is not limited by time and space, we still need to pay attention to the choice of venue. The venue for rope skipping should try to choose lawn, wooden floor and muddy ground with moderate hardness. Do not skip rope on hard concrete ground, so as not to damage the joints and easily cause dizziness.

Secondly, rope skippers should wear high-top shoes with soft texture and light weight to avoid ankle injuries.

Again, in the choice of rope, you should choose a rope that is soft, hard, and moderate in thickness. Beginners should use hard ropes, and they can be changed to soft ropes after proficiency.

Finally, do adequate warm-up exercises to relax muscles and joints and prevent sprains. In addition, overweight and middle-aged women should choose the way of skipping with both feet on the ground to avoid sprains.

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