Daily Diet Before a Marathon

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Lots of marathons are about to start. With two weeks or one week left before the start of the race, many runners must have basically completed their usual training. The next main task is actually to relax yourself and reserve energy to adjust your state.

But the most important thing in the last week before the game, and what we tend to overlook, is the diet and nutrition before the game. Meal planning is essential for anyone about to run a marathon. Don't underestimate eating and drinking, it is an essential magic weapon to help you complete the game.

Moreover, properly replenishing energy during the game can make you appear stronger. Only by eating well can you run well. This is not a guide for foodies to choose various delicacies, but an effective way for runners to eat to prepare for the marathon. Today, the editor will take you to understand what should be paid attention to in the diet before the marathon.


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What should you eat the week before a race?

When participating in a marathon, have you ever had diarrhea during the race, an upset stomach, or you were too hungry to run because you didn’t eat breakfast? In fact, these are all caused by unreasonable pre-match eating habits. The diet before and during the race is often the key to the smoothness of running.


5 days before the race:

5 days before the marathon, generally according to the marathon training plan, in this race week, start to reduce the amount of running. But during this period of time, the diet should still be the same as usual, and more attention should be paid to supplementing carbohydrates. Because a marathon will deplete the body's glycogen reserves. In addition to meeting the heat energy and fluid balance needs of the food, attention should also be paid to the food being small in size, light in weight and easy to digest.

Key points: To adjust the work and rest time, just eat a normal diet.


4 days before the race:

4 days before the marathon, you should slowly increase the amount of running on this day. The diet should be the same as usual. The food should be high in carbohydrates, low in fat, a small amount of protein, rich in vitamins and inorganic salts, and have sufficient water.

Key points: To adjust the work and rest time, just eat a normal diet.


3 days before the race:

Continue to consume carbohydrates, rice, pasta are good choices, and at the same time with the right amount of protein and vegetables. From now on, it is best to stay away from spicy and irritating diets, reduce fat intake, and go to social gatherings that require drinking if you can, and adjust your body to the best state before the game. At this time, a slight weight gain is also normal.


Key points:  Actively prepare for battle and reserve energy in the body.


2 days before the race:

Two days before the marathon, do not try new foods, and eat less foods that are not easy to digest and absorb, such as radishes, beans, etc., so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort and abdominal pain during the marathon. Studies have shown that a low-fiber diet, such as refined grains, can help reduce the load on the gut, which can reduce your weight and help you avoid pit stops that can affect race performance.

Key points:  Lighten the load on your gut and try not to try new foods.


1 day before the game:

The day before the game, try to eat less food that is not easy to digest and absorb, such as radishes, beans, etc., to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort the next day. Do not choose high-fat food, avoid fried or oily food, use less dry beans, coarse grains with more fiber, leeks and other foods that are prone to gas or delay the emptying time of the stomach, and choose less spicy and sweet foods food to prevent it from irritating the gastrointestinal tract.

Key points:  Try to eat light food to ensure normal gastrointestinal conditions.

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A marathon is a long endurance exercise that consumes a lot of energy during the run. And our body is like a car, if there is not enough "fuel", there is no way to move on. But if you have enough high-quality fuel, you can be guaranteed to travel thousands of miles. Therefore, all runners who are about to participate in the competition must pay attention to the diet before the competition, so that they can fully exert their own level on the field.

If you want to better arrange your running progress, a suitable smart watch is essential. It can record the distance, time and speed of running, allowing you to plan better.


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