What Are The Benefits Of Jogging?

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As we all know, exercise is essential if you want to be healthy and in good shape. There are many sports, and sometimes it is inevitable that you will be blinded when choosing a sport method. Today I would like to recommend a kind of aerobic jogging to everyone.

There are three types of jogging: in situ running, free running, and quantitative running:

In situ running refers to running in place, which is very suitable for people who don't have space to run or who don't want to run outside and want to run at home. Free running is a running method similar to variable speed running that is performed by individuals according to their own conditions, e.g. B. A little faster for a while and a little slower for a while. Quantitative running means setting a running amount for yourself, e.g. B. how many meters you run in a certain time or how much you want to run directly.

There are three paths, everyone can choose the path that suits their current situation.

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So what are the benefits of jogging?

The purpose of jogging is health, five benefits, running is to earn

1. As a type of aerobic exercise, jogging does not require the athlete to strive for speed, limit, explosiveness, etc., but requires the athlete to consciously slow down and maintain a constant speed.

Jogging can fully promote human body blood circulation, burn body heat, and achieve the effect of slimming. At the same time, jogging can also help to quit smoking. According to scientific research, the pituitary gland releases "happy hormones" when jogging, which can make you happy and suppress the urge to smoke.

2. Jogging can also improve eyesight and has a very good effect on the neck, shoulders and spine.

In today's society, many people often sit and work on computers, so these two groups of people are more prone to cervical spine and shoulder problems. If you can jog for half an hour a day and keep going for a long time, it's very good for your cervical spine and shoulders.

3. The regulating effect of jogging on the body's physiological system.

Running can not only promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also maintain people's respiratory system. In long-term jogging, running can improve people's lung capacity, burn people's fatty liver, reduce the damage of fatty liver, and at the same time it is possible to exercise people's favorite abdominal muscles, because jogging can reduce the fat outside the abdomen muscles.

4. Jogging can promote body shaping and exercise leg muscles.

Jogging can also promote body changes, burn calories and show obvious results in the waist and buttocks. A consistent jogging routine can also protect your knees and prevent arthritis. According to some experiments, runners have a lower risk of developing arthritis.

5. Jogging can promote digestion, gastrointestinal function, and improve bone strength.

Long-term jogging can provide energy and increase appetite, at the same time, it is also very helpful to improve the strength of various joints or bones and ligament flexibility. Running with enough sun exposure during the day can promote the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, which can effectively increase bone density and reduce the risk of bone fractures.

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Jogging has so many benefits, why not try jogging? Wear your Smartwatch while jogging, feel the calories you burn, your breathing rate.


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