How to Celebrate Father's Day Around the World

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Father's Day (Father's Day), as the name suggests, is a holiday to thank fathers. It originated in the United States around the beginning of the 20th century. Today, 52 countries and regions in the world celebrate fathers on the third Sunday in June every year.

Most of the time Father's Day is celebrated with gift giving, family dinners and events, but it still varies from country to country.

Then, let's take a look at the interesting Father's Day celebrations in the world!


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01 American Father's Day

On Father's Day, Americans usually choose specific flowers to honor their fathers. Dendrobium is regarded as the "Father's Day flower" in many countries.

Dendrobium orchid is a kind of epiphytic orchid with a strong nature. It has a strong temperament and amiable temperament. It is as resolute, brave and strong as a father.

The flower language of Dendrobium is: welcome, blessing, purity, auspiciousness and happiness. We can present the flowers to our father on Father's Day and father's birthday to express our respect and blessings to him.

In the United States, on Father's Day, breakfast is usually cooked by the children. Parents can sleep in and don't have to get up too early.

Of course, greeting cards for festivals are essential, and many families also prepare some small gifts for their fathers and take them out on trips.

If the father is dead, Americans will wear a white rose on this day to express their respect and remembrance for their father.


02 Japanese Father's Day

In Japan, there is a very traditional way of wishing Father's Day.

Father's Day is a festival that the Japanese attach great importance to, even more important than Valentine's Day.

On Father's Day, Japanese children will choose to go home to reunite with their families on this day, and send gifts and blessings to their fathers.

At the same time, the children need to send the most sincere letters to their fathers on this day. According to the survey, most Japanese fathers hope that on Father's Day, the gift they can get from their children is a letter.

This letter needs to express the upbringing and deep love for the father, and it must be read to the father in person.

Finally, Japanese children also need to take a bath for their father on this day, rub their father's back with their own hands, bring warmth to their father, and hope that their father will live a long and healthy life.


03 German Father's Day

Germans have a traditional rigorous and serious attitude, and their Father's Day also has its own unique way of celebrating.

Father's Day in Germany is set on the Thursday of the Ascension of Christ, which is 40 days after Easter.

On this day, fathers will spend a happy day of indulgence and extravagance, and drink freely. Alcoholic German dads can drink as much as they want on this day, and drink as much as they want, even if they are drunk, go home Later women cannot be punished either.

You will see those unsmiling German uncles in suits and leather shoes pushing the cart full of beer in a wild way, which is very funny and healing.

In many places in Germany, Father's Day is not just a holiday for real fathers, it has even evolved into a day for men to chat and indulge freely.

Of course, there are also many truly good fathers who will take their partners and children out for picnics on this day to feel the warmth and joy of family life.

04 Korean Father's Day

South Korea's Father's Day is combined with their Mother's Day, which is called "Parent's Day".

In South Korea, May 8 every year is a unique statutory holiday, namely "Parents' Day". This is a festival established by Koreans to thank their parents for their upbringing.

In Korea, carnations are the most common flower for Parents’ Day, and red ginseng is the most common gift for Parents’ Day. Sometimes children will prepare a special trip or a beautiful performance for their parents.

In short, on this day, their parents are their highest "heaven". It is the goal and hope of the National People's Congress of Korea to make their parents feel comfortable and happy on this day.


05 Spanish Father's Day

The Spanish Father's Day can be called the most loving Father's Day, because they not only celebrate their own fathers, but also send greetings and blessings to all fathers.

Every year, March 19 is the traditional Father's Day in Spain. On this day, it is the commemoration day of San Jose in European Catholicism. San Jose is the father of Jesus, and March 19 is the father's birthday.

It is said that San Jose was a very good father and protector, so the believers regard this day as a traditional Spanish holiday to commemorate the respected father and son.

It is also for this reason that on Father’s Day, all Spaniards will greet fathers across the country, especially those named JOSE, regardless of whether the person is a man or a woman, and send the most sincere blessings .

And Father's Day is also called JOSE Day. On this day, the whole family will get together to celebrate the festival for all men.


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