How To Develop Your Child Through Daily Activities

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Parents are the best teachers for children, so in daily life, we must educate children on correct values and subtly establish correct values. It is very important for parents to teach and model values such as honesty, loyalty, respect, kindness, etc. to their children.

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1 Read the right book

Values have been passed on through stories for centuries. Read books with your children, or introduce them to books that convey good values.
Younger children can read fairy tales.

  • Because children's minds are still in the formative stage, they should read books with clear boundaries between right and wrong.
  • Books with unclear concepts of right and wrong should be reserved for children to read after they have established stable values.
  • No matter what book it is, you should read it yourself first, get a full understanding of it, and then let your children read it. This will allow you to understand the content of the book so that you can answer your child's questions.

2 Choose media carefully

Limit the types of movies, TV, and games your child is exposed to. Limit the amount of time your child uses such entertainment media.

  • Even if the content conveyed by the media is positive, it is not as effective as active learning. Hands-on learning is better than passive watching.
  • Make sure the media your children are exposed to presents positive values, especially if they are younger than seven or eight. Studies have shown that children exposed to such media are more respectful than those who watch violent videos. However, when children reach the age when they can tell right from wrong, they shouldn't be shunned from negative content entirely. It is best to explain to children why the behavior and content in the film and television are wrong, and they cannot be prevented from watching without explaining.

3 Volunteer

Encourage children to volunteer. Volunteering with kids is even better.

  • Volunteering fosters generosity, responsibility, and compassion.
  • Taking the initiative to help the elderly in the neighborhood is also a kind of volunteering activity. Encourage your children to help mow the neighbor's lawn, or send the neighbor homemade treats.

4 Assign some activities to the children

The most basic way to cultivate children's values is to arrange for them to do what they can do every day and every week. Clarify your requirements and the rewards for completing the task well and in a timely manner.

  • Working can teach children the importance of responsibility and the benefits of hard work.

5 Encourage your child to join a sports team

If your child isn't interested in sports, join another team, such as a debate team or a trivia group.

  • This can cultivate children's teamwork skills, as well as values such as focus, responsibility, and humility.


6 Make handmade cards

Sit down with the kids and make cards for friends and family. Includes thank you cards, holiday cards, and greeting cards.

  • Thank you cards foster gratitude.
  • Holiday and greeting cards foster love and kindness.
  • Creativity can also be fostered through crafting.

7 Encourage children to take on challenges

Challenges are inevitable in life. Cultivating children's ability to deal with challenges (controllable challenges) when they are young can teach them the necessary morals and values, which will help them deal with uncontrollable challenges when they grow up.

  • Do gardening with your kids. Gardening can be challenging and builds perseverance. If you grow edible grains, you can also develop self-sufficiency.
  • In general, it is to encourage children to do things that are not easy. Encourage shy children to play with other children on the playground. Encourage children with bad temper to learn to control their emotions. After your child has tackled a challenge, reward them.

8 Cultivate love

Encourage your child to think of others. When this is learned, other values can be strengthened.

  • When your children are young, you can look through magazines with them and let them identify the emotions of the characters in the pictures based on the pictures.
  • No matter how old your child is, "buddy games" can be played. Write the names of everyone in your family on slips of paper and put them in the hat. In the morning, everyone draws a name, and whoever gets drawn will do a good deed for that day.

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Values determine people's self-awareness, which directly affects and determines the nature of a person's ideals, beliefs, life goals and pursuit directions. Therefore, it is especially important to cultivate children's values.
Sometimes it is necessary to cultivate the child's ability to face the outside world independently. If you are not at ease, you can prepare a smart watch for him/her. Smart watches can make safety warnings and chat.


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