How To Set An Example For Your Children

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Children's behavior is often the epitome of adults. To cultivate children's correct values, it is important to set an example from themselves.
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1 Lead by example

Embody the values you want to pass on to your children in your daily life. Children often look to adults as role models, and the easiest way to develop values is by imitation.
If you do not match what you say, you will mislead your child.
For example, if you want to teach children cooperation and compassion, you can encourage them to share toys. If your child sees you taking other people's things or failing to share resources with those in need, they will doubt the importance of those values.

2 Use past experiences to tell stories

Tell me about your life as a child, your gains and losses in the process of cultivating values.
Make sure the story is real and don't exaggerate the details.
For example, try telling your child about your attempt to copy homework. If you resisted the temptation to copy at the time, explain to your child why you did it and the positive consequences of being honest. If you didn't resist the temptation to copy at the time, talk to your child about the internal and external negative consequences of plagiarism.

3 Teach the core value system

If your values come from a religious belief, tell your child about that belief. Let children understand how values ​​are derived, so that they can understand the importance of values.
It can be helpful to take children to places that share the same value system, such as church. This can provide them with more moral models.

4. Know who else has influence on your child

You cannot and should not completely shield your child from outside influences. But you should be aware of the outside influences your child was raised with, including the good and bad values that other people have taught your child.
Other influences on children include relatives, teachers, coaches, friends and relatives of friends.
Learn about these people's values.
It is not necessary to completely avoid children from being exposed to opposite values, but to make sure after the fact that the opposite values have not had a negative impact on children.

5 Formulate rules and cultivate a sense of responsibility

When children violate or ignore the rules you set, appropriate punishment should be carried out.
The punishment should be commensurate with the size of the mistake. For example, taking the last piece of cake that belongs to someone else is not as serious as cheating in an exam, so the punishment for the former should be lighter than that for the latter.

6. Spend time with your children

If you ignore your children, they will never learn values from you. Spending time with your child shows that caring for others is an important virtue, and it also allows your child to learn to care for others by your example.
Children often make mistakes to get attention. If you can show them that right behavior gets attention, they'll be more inclined to do the right thing.

7. Support children

Growing up is hard. Children will encounter many problems in the process of growing up, and making mistakes is inevitable. Showing unconditional love to your children will make them more likely to ask for your advice when they are confused.

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Cultivating children is also a process of self-growth. In order for the child to better manage time, buying a watch for him/her can not only shorten the distance between you, but also make him/her more organized.


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