1 Minute To Judge What Body Shape You Are

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In fact, many sisters don't know what type of figure they are, and the clothes they buy always feel that they are not suitable for them. In fact, find a soft ruler to measure the shoulder circumference, bust circumference, waist circumference, and hip circumference, and you can know it.

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1. Hold your head up, chest out and legs together.

2. When measuring the shoulder circumference, pay attention to measuring the circumference of a circle, not the length of the plane.

3. The bust is measured from the breast height point, because I usually wear underwear when I go out, so I wear underwear to measure.

4. The waist circumference is measured around the thinnest point of the waist, usually 3 cm above the navel.

Shoulder circumference-waist circumference > 3cm (inverted triangle figure)

Dressing suggestions

1. It is best to use dark gray or cool tones for the top, so that the upper body appears lighter visually.

2. The waist, buttocks and legs can be expressed by emphasizing the color of the accessories, so as to prevent others from focusing on the upper part.

3. It is not advisable to choose bright, warm or bright colors for the tops, and it is not advisable to choose color decorations such as embroidery and patch pockets on the front chest.

4. Unisex clothes are the best. Simple and soft lines + basic color.

​​Hips and shoulders > 3cm (pear-shaped body)

Dressing suggestions

The top is complex and the bottom is simple, the top is tight and the bottom is loose, the top is shallow and the bottom is deep.

1. Highlight the waistline by revealing the waist, wearing a waist, short tops, or tucking the tops into the bottoms, etc., to create an X-shaped figure.

2. Improve waistline. The waist and hips are decorated to avoid swelling.

3. Use long A-line skirts, umbrella skirts, and pleated skirts to perfectly cover the buttocks, crotch, and thighs.

4. Refusing tight pants will make the fat in the buttocks, hips, and thighs visible at a glance.

Shoulder-hip<3cm (H-shaped figure)

Dressing suggestions

1. Try to choose an X-shaped dress with a high waistline to highlight the waistline.

2. You can use accessories such as girdles, belts, and bags to transfer the waistline.

3. Suitable clothing styles: puff sleeve waist dress, shoulder pad top + belt, doll collar shirt, shirt + shoulder pad, lapel sweater, umbrella skirt, fluffy pants, H-shaped coat, leather jacket, coat, etc.

Waist>Hip (apple shape)

Dressing suggestions

1. Panasonic and tight. Choose tops with a crisp fit.

2. Avoid wearing tops with too high necklines, and try to choose V-neck, sweetheart neck, and scoop neck styles.

3. Avoid puff sleeves, shoulder pads and other design elements that greatly increase the volume of the upper body.

4. Wear more short skirts and shorts, and try to highlight the advantages of the lower body.

5. Try to choose a high waist for the bottoms, and you can use the way of tucking the corners of the clothes to create the waistline.

Hourglass body = S-shaped body

Dressing suggestions

1. Choose a style with a waist. Such as waisted A-line skirts, waisted tube top skirts, cheongsams, slim-fit long skirts, waisted carrot pants, etc.

2. You can choose the color difference between the upper and lower waist to match and highlight the waistline.

3. Use eye-catching colors to shift the center of gravity to the head, and dark colors to weaken the chest and buttocks.

4. Taboo items: loose long style, slim fit without waistline, chest pattern, high collar.

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As long as you find the right body shape, you can maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses, and increase your personal charm. Reasonable accessories will also change the visual focus of others, such as exquisite watches.


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