6 Universal Formulas For Dressing

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Always don't know how to dress when you go out? Share the super-simple basic logical formula for outfits. If you feel that your usual outfits are not coordinated, or if you don’t know where to start, you can refer to the following formulas to make adjustments!

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Formula 1+2

Judging from the matching effect of the whole body, according to the method of "top tight and bottom loose/top loose and bottom tight", our clothes can be more well-proportioned, concise and powerful.

There are many sisters who like the lazy Japanese style, with loose basic styles all over the body, but if they are not matched with other items and makeup, it will easily appear that people are not energetic and have no memory.

Formula 3

The waistline determines everything, so the essence of "short top and long bottom" is to visually improve the waistline by wearing it, making people look particularly tall.

"Long top and short bottom" is also a very popular method of disappearing the lower body. It is more suitable for girls with particularly good-looking legs. It is easy to wear and look like no one else~

Formula 4

"Long inside and short outside" is often used in sweaters and sweater vests, which not only have a sense of layering but also cover the thighs and look thinner.

"Short on the inside and long on the outside" is a very common matching method, which not only emphasizes the waistline, but also has a long coat that can cover the flesh and look thinner.

Formula 5

For the upper body, paying attention to "inside wide and outside narrow/inside narrow and outside wide" will make our upper body look more harmonious and unified, thinner and not bloated. Avoid wide inside and outside, it will make people feel solid and heavy, avoid narrow inside and outside, it is more picky to wear.

Formula 6

There are also three basic rules of layering, so you don’t have to worry about learning this autumn and winter~‼ ️Another thing to note is that try not to wear all layers of the same material, the interlacing of different materials can be more advanced~

The role that small accessories can play cannot be ignored, just like watches. A good-looking watch will definitely make your outfit more advanced!

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In fact, the function of the formula is only to help us find an introduction to dressing. The unlocking of more styling styles is inseparable from factors such as makeup and accessories. Let’s upgrade and learn together slowly, gradually break away from the old-fashioned way of dressing, and make our own clothes master~


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