How Seniors Can Exercise to Live Longer

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If older people want to live longer, what kind of exercise is good?

Scientific and reasonable training can prevent and cure diseases, reduce the risk of falls and fractures, strengthen disease resistance, improve quality of life and prolong life. Older people in particular cannot rest blindly. Only moderate exercise gets you through old age healthy. The following three movement types are good choices.

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What kind of exercise is suitable for the elderly?


1. Aerobic exercise

Older people who insist on doing aerobic exercise can improve their cardiopulmonary function, please their body and mind, and relieve bad emotions.

  • Each exercise should last 20-60 minutes, 3-7 days a week. Aerobic exercise for the elderly should be of moderate intensity and reach 50% to 70% of the maximum heart rate of 220 minus age. That is, during training you can talk, but not sing.
  • There are many sports to choose from, such as cycling, jogging, brisk walking, dancing or aerobics, etc.

If your body allows, you can walk by changing your walking speed and direction, but you must put safety first. Older people who used to exercise less should adopt the principle of gradual and orderly movement to allow the body to adjust.

2. Resistance exercise

Older people who do resistance exercise can increase muscle strength, improve endurance and explosive power, and improve oxygen uptake ability.

  • Elderly people have 1 to 3 groups of strength training per day, including squat exercises and squats and knee extension and bench press, etc. Adjust the exercise posture properly, exercise on one side or both sides, choose a good exercise intensity and make sure there are 2 to 3 training days per week.

It should be remembered that during resistance training, speed must be well controlled and you should not act too hastily. Slowly increase the training load until you feel a little difficult. In some cases, equipment is required to increase resistance to ensure the exercise goes smoothly.

3. Balance exercise

Most older people have varying degrees of impaired balance, which reduces the range of motion and activity and can decrease with inattention, thereby reducing the quality of life, so older people should pay more attention to balance exercises. If balance is particularly poor, practice balance first, and then do aerobic exercise to ensure maximum safety.

  • Under the premise that the body can bear it, do 1-2 sets of balance exercises each time, such as B. Standing on one leg and slowly doing the body rotation, or you can choose standing yoga, slowly walking up and down stairs and walking in a straight line. Parallel to the balance training for able-bodied seniors, auxiliary exercises such as counting arithmetic problems while standing on one leg are added.
Exercise no less than one day a week and try to exercise as much as possible each day. Over time, you can improve your balance and prevent falls.


Friendly tips

Overall, the movement of older people should be varied, not limited to a specific type of movement, and the combination of aerobic exercise, balance training and strength training should be guaranteed. However, appropriate exercise methods should be formulated according to the physical condition of the elderly, the risks and benefits of exercise should be assessed, and the amount of exercise should be flexible according to one's ability.

Older people should not rush exercise, start with a single exercise and then gradually increase the exercise time and amount. For the elderly who have been sedentary for a long time, after adapting to a new exercise method, you should gradually increase other exercise methods and exercise difficulty, to avoid affecting their health or causing exercise accidents due to sudden movements.

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When doing sports, it is therefore particularly important to pay attention to sports health. Know your heart rate and blood pressure via Smartwatch and exercise more safely!


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