What Kind of Bike to Choose

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Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports tourism, which can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process. A bicycle and a backpack can travel, simple and environmentally friendly. But there are many bike styles on the market, which one should you choose?

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Mountain biking

Mountain bike, referred to as mountain bike, was invented in the United States in the early 1970s. The reason why mountain bikes are popular is mainly because of their versatility, with smaller compressed frames and wide tires, not only can you enjoy the fun of going downhill , You can freely shuttle in mountains, suburbs, and jungles, and enjoy the joy and excitement of off-roading.


Road bike

This model is used for road racing, so it is regarded as a professional road bike, and with the increase of exposure on the road, it has gradually become popular.
A new generation of road bikes has absorbed many of the best features of mountain bikes, often with compressed frames, sloping top tubes, and handlebar shifters. High-end road bikes also use carbon fiber and titanium as frame and fork materials.

If you are an enthusiastic road car fan, you can also buy a purely handmade frame. A road bike is still the way to go if you want to ride long distances at a fast pace.


Hybrid bike

As the name suggests, this bike combines elements of a traditional road bike and a mountain bike, turning it into an ideal tool for commuting or city riding. Most of these models have 700c wheels with wider 700 x 32 tires, but there are a few models with 26-inch wheels and slightly narrower tires (tires are 1.9 inches wide or narrower). In addition, the use of pure slick or semi-slick treads is usually a major feature of this car.

A common hybrid bicycle configuration in the low-end market is a steel frame (or aluminum alloy frame) with a derailleur and V brakes. A mid-range bike might feature mechanical disc brakes, a suspension fork, and butted-tube frame tubing. High-end cars usually come with internal derailleurs, hydraulic disc brakes and good damping systems.

The upright riding position, level handlebars, and ability to handle bumps in the road make a hybrid bike an absolute must as the best commuter bike. In addition, since the frame usually has holes reserved for mounting racks, it is also quite good for riding it to go shopping or take a simple trip.


Touring bike

It is a heavy-duty road bike, referred to as a station wagon. As you can imagine when traveling, this bike is a long-distance bike, so in terms of model design, its frame angle makes the rider more comfortable. A variety of mounting holes are left to facilitate the rider to attach more travel supplies during travel.

Traditional touring bikes usually use curved handlebars, and some new ones are matched with flat handlebars or raised handlebars of mountain bikes, which makes it easier for riders to find a more suitable angle for riding during riding.

Nowadays, the new station wagons are generally equipped with 26-inch wheels of mountain bikes, so as to improve the comfort of the road surface. For those who want to ride around the world, the steel frame station wagon must be the first choice. The reason is very simple, no matter you Somewhere in the world, you can quickly find a repair shop for repairing steel products.

Folding bicycle che Folding bicycles focus on portability. This type of vehicle generally has a small wheel diameter. There are locks on every joint of the vehicle body. When you do not need to ride, you can directly fold the whole vehicle, front and rear The two wheels can be folded together to reduce the length by about 45%. After folding, the whole vehicle can be put into the boarding case and folding bag, as well as the trunk of the car. During the folding process, the car can be folded and unfolded manually without the help of external tools.

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The types of bicycles are mainly divided into the above types, and you can choose the bicycle that suits you by clarifying your needs. In addition, the smart watch is also a good partner for cycling, it can track your riding conditions, as well as your physical condition. If it is inconvenient to check information on your phone when you are riding, a smart watch can do it too.


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