How to Show Confidence in Social Situations

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We mistakenly believe that self-confidence is an unknown gift that no one knows where it came from or how it was built. Either you were born with this confidence, or you live your life stumbling and anxious, it's a matter of luck.

However, this is not the case, self-confidence is a skill based on our perception of the world and our place in it. Studying and examining these thoughts will lead to building a solid ability to overcome indecision and worry about ourselves, and we can master the art of self-confidence.

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1. Learn to accept compliments.

Compliments can ease tension between two people and make their communication more positive. It is difficult for people with low self-confidence to accept compliments from others. You may feel uncomfortable when you hear compliments, or you may be outright negative. In order to become more confident, you must learn how to accept compliments with grace. The next time someone compliments you, don't deny it, thank the person for the kind words.

  • For example, you can respond to a compliment by saying, "Thank you. Thank you for the compliment." Or even simpler, just say "thank you" with affection.
  • Make sure you know how to compliment others. Complimenting others helps distract others from investing in you and makes you feel more confident. Genuinely complimenting others is an ability that demonstrates your confidence.


2. Accept that you cannot change others.

Sometimes, a person's lack of self-confidence is due to placing too much emphasis on the reactions of others to their words and actions. In order to build confidence, you must realize that you cannot change other people, nor can you change their reactions to what you say or do. The only person you can control is yourself. Work on improving your ability to accept others as they really are. Don't tell others about their mistakes, and don't try to change them.

3 Learn to maintain a positive attitude.

Part of being confident is that you should still project a positive attitude even when other people let you down. Remember, your future, your goals, and your own happiness are in your hands. If someone tries to knock your self-confidence, recall all the achievements and strengths you have. Look at the problem with optimism!

  • Even when you are in a bad mood, try to put on a smile. Research shows that even when a smile doesn't come from your heart, it can make you more optimistic and confident.


4 Keep calm.

Remaining calm in the face of difficulties is sometimes not easy, doing so can make you more confident and show others that you are a confident person. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, nervous, angry, or frustrated, try taking a few deep breaths. During this process, slowly count from one to ten, and then go to solve the problem.

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Smartwatches can measure your heart rate and more, stats that can make you more aware of your body. Knowing your data allows you to make conscious adjustments to become more confident.


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