BP Doctor Med 14 Wearable Blood Pressure Smartwatch

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Elevate your health with BP DOCTOR MED 14, the ultimate BP smartwatch.  Precision air pump+airbag BP testing, ECG, AI diagnosis, and comprehensive health monitoring. Detachable TPU airbag, exercise tracking, remote care,...

Color: Black


Band Material: TPU


Bottom shell: PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel

PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel

Elevate your health with BP DOCTOR MED 14, the ultimate BP smartwatch. 

Precision air pump+airbag BP testing, ECG, AI diagnosis, and comprehensive health monitoring. Detachable TPU airbag, exercise tracking, remote care, and a vibrant 1.91-inch touch screen. Stay connected with call reminders, weather updates, and personalized dials


1.92-inch high-definition retina full touch color screen

1.92-inch IPS color screen, health data, exercise data, SMS APP information and other reminder full screen view, 320* 386 resolution Even in the dark, it can be clearly seen

med 14

Accurate measurement of blood pressure with air pump and airbag   

Based on high-performance micropump airbags and sensors, using the same electronic sphygmomanometer similarly, blood pressure measurement technology enables precise monitoring of dynamic blood pressure regular monitoring in the morning and evening actively managing blood pressure and health

Soft pressurized airbag

Adopting ergonomic principles for soft and environmentally friendly rubber air pump airbags the design is integrated into the watch, which can be straightened and bent freely to adjust its size, making it easy to wear Fits the wrist for comfort and convenience making it easy to wear on a daily basis

blood pressure smartwatch

Detachable airbag strap

The airbag strap is detachable, making it easier to carryand operate anytime and anywhere one click installation of airbags during operation for more accurate measurement, and detachable for daily wear

airbag smartwatch

Intelligent voice broadcast reminder

Blood pressure voice broadcast reminder to prevent incorrect operation make it easier for parents to operate resulting in clearer and clearer results.with voice measurement prompts data broadcast

Doctor BP

One click measurement for more convenient measurement

Humanized design, one click measurement, one click stop, parents easy to use, very convenient, and built-in two ways, quick testing is more convenient for parents operate and keep track of blood pressure measurement results at all times

smarwatch APP

Guided measurement precise and reliable

The blood pressure measurement algorithm is based on blood pressure characteristics of different populations and adopts a cascaded model technology, combined with Al intelligent measurement assistance, automatically identifies abnormal measurements pose, provide guidance for correct use, making numerical values more accurate

blood pressure measurement

Measurement posture: refers to the posture maintained from the measurement until the device displays the measurement results, which does not comply with the movements of the standard measurement posture may affect the measurement results. To ensure measurement accuracy, it is recommended to measure maintain a sit still position for at least 5 minutes before measurement, with the standard measurement posture shown in the figure:

measure blood pressure position

ECG scientific monitoring

The watch monitoring technology uses photoelectric sensors and two sets of light sources, equipped with Al intelligent algorithms and high fidelity signal processing technology, it can achieve more accuracy test out heart health data and keep track of heart health status at all times

ECG monitoring

Note: This product is not a medical product, and the test results are for reference only and are not used for any medical purposes or basis.

ECG electrocardiogram report

 Built-in ECG high-performance sensor module, supporting ECG signal acquisition function, real-time generation of electrocardiogram, obtaining various cardiac values clear and easy to understand at a glance, helping you fully grasp heart health

ECG smatwatch

Heart rate monitoring to avoid risks

Light sensing dual group heart rate sensor, combined with Al algorithm, refined identifying the risk of diseases such as the ventricle and atrium, helping to improve predicting and managing heart health at all times

Heart rate monitoring

Accurate and independent blood oxygen monitoring

Real time analysis and monitoring of blood oxygen saturation, blood oxygen When the content is low, it can easily cause illness, fatigue, and fatigue, which can be harmful to the heart brain and other important organs cause damage, watch for you provide accurate 24-hour blood oxygen saturation monitoring escort your blood oxygen health

blood oxygen monitoring

Non invasive blood glucose precise monitoring

Excessive intake of high-fat foods, prolonged sitting and lack of exercise Staying up late for a long time triggered hyperglycemia, the watch has the ability to monitor blood sugar function, assess the risk of hyperglycemia and predict vascular health in advance

Uric acid and blood lipid monitoring

A new generation of new sensors, connected to the app for measuring uric acid dual blood lipid detection function with a gentle touch and accurate recognition helping you stay informed of your physical condition in real-time.

Uric acid and blood lipid monitoring

Body temperature test understand your temperature

Built in temperature detection sensor to detect skin temperature and estimate body temperature to let you know the changes in body temperature and provide high and low temperature reminders

Body temperature test

 More health management safeguards

Based on intelligent Al exclusive algorithms, supported by big data more health management 24/7 always protecting your physical health

Remote care for family and friends monitor family health at all times

Family care space, add loved ones as friends, and you can remotely view family members a health report that can provide constant care even if separated by thousands of miles family health and safety family love never ending

Remote care

1Caring for various information on the wrist

After connecting the watch to Bluetooth, you can view incoming calls, reminders, and text messages APP information and other push notifications, regardless of whether you are currently exercising or doing household chores always receive work and never miss important connections

smartwatch with caring  information

Multiple sports modes help you choose health

Various sports modes such as running, cycling badminton, football, etc meeting your sports choices at different times, watches also help you record data on exercise time, distance, energy consumption, etc providing evidence for your exercise, helping you set a plan and goal, to be more standardized and safe on the path of health

What's the weather like the watch knows early

Watches connect to mobile apps through Bluetooth for real-time prediction weather changes, what's the weather like for a week? Watch for you anticipate in advance and add a touch to your outing safety reminder

Beautiful dials are all available

Change the dial, change your mood, connect to the app, and download freely favorite dial you can also customize your favorite and exclusive dial

1Customize your favorite exclusive dial for family, loved ones, loved ones exciting Moments, Preserving Beauty leave it on the dial

Strong endurance

A 220mAh battery with a capacity to meet your daily needs designed to last for 3-7 days on a single charge Magnetic suction charging, automatic adsorption with just one touch convenient and easy to operate

Rich life applications

Alarm clock reminder, raise your hand to light up the screen, shake to take a photo, and search for a watch enjoy a wide range of applications to meet your diverse smart lifestyle needs, and master them all on your wrist

Air pump+airbag type accurate blood pressure testing, blood pressure voice broadcasting, TPU ultra-thin comfortable airbag (detachable), ECG electrocardiogram, AI intelligent diagnosis, blood glucose monitoring, uric acid monitoring, blood lipid monitoring, body temperature monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, respiratory rate, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder and other health management functions.  Exercise function: step count/calorie count/distance,
Multiple sports modes,  Remote family and friend care function
APP market multi dial switching, custom main dial, call and message reminders, weather forecast, stopwatch, music control, wrist up display, alarm clock, and multiple languages. 1.91-inch retina high-definition full touch screen
Blood pressure type Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure
Air pressure sensor Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensor
Master Chip RTL8762DW
Blood oxygen AFE4950+SFH2703
CT1711 array
PPG chip AFE4950
Virbation Mute/vibrate
Compatible System Android 4.4 and aboveÔľĆiOS 8.2 and above¬†
Health characteristic functions, etc Air pump+balloon type accurate blood pressure testing, ECG electrocardiogram, blood glucose monitoring, independent and accurate blood oxygen, body temperature, blood lipids, uric acid,, respiratory rate, heart rate, sleep monitoring, remote relatives and friends care.
Long-distance care of relatives and friends App family or friends share real-time monitoring data
Other Functions Step counting, calorie, distance, sleep monitoring, exercise mode, call reminder, alarm clock reminder, raise my hand and brighten the screen, information reminder, etc.
Screen Size  1.91-inch retina high-definition full touch screen 320 * 386
Screen Type IPS HD TFT
BLuetooth 5.0BLE
Battery Type High density li-polymer
Battery Capcaity 220mAh
Charging Type Magnetic charging (with short circuit protection)
Charging Time About 3-4H
Endurance  Time Use for 7-10 days and stand by for 30-40 days
Manipulation Mode  Full screen touch control, mobile APP control
Language Language: English, Chinese, Russian, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italy, Portugal, Korean, Polish, Malaysian, Chinese fan,

APP languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Persian, Irish, Slovak, Norwegian, Korean, Croatian, Swedish
Material Shell: metal alloy bottom
shell: PC + ABS + Medical 316 steel sheet, watchband: Environmental Protection Silicone, air bag: environmental protection TPU material
Color 3 colors (black/blue/red)
Packing Watch, air bag, charging line, instruction manual, Packing Box
Bracelet size 273 * 39 * 13MM (length, width and height)
Box Szie Exquisite packaging gift box: 122 * 107 * 78MM (length, width, thickness)
Additional Information

Black, Red, Blue

Band Material


Bottom shell

PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel