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BP Doctor Med 6 Wearable Blood Pressure Smartwatch With Black Leather Bands

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BP DOCOCTOR MEDĀ 6 have updated to serie MED 14. Product Model: BP MED 6Product Description: Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensorSpecial Features: air pump+airbag...

Color: Black


Material of Strap: Leather



BP DOCOCTOR MEDĀ 6 have updated to serie MED 14.

Product Model: BP MED 6
Product Description: Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensor
Special Features: air pump+airbag true blood pressure test, independent accurate blood oxygen, body Temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitoring, remote relatives and friends care
Main Feature :Air pump+balloon true blood pressure test, body temperature monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, respiration rate. Sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder and other health management functions. Exercise function: counting steps/calories/distance, multiple exercise modes. Health functions such as heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc. Remote care for relatives and friends. Wearable hardware+smart APP+ big data cloud service can be worn by people, and data can be controlled, displayed and recorded through APP. Long battery life standby. Multi-dial switching

Master Chip Nordic52832
Blood oxygen OSRAM (osram) 2703
CT1711 array
PPG chip OSRAM (osram) 2703
Virbation Mute/vibrate
Compatible System Android 4.4 and aboveļ¼ŒiOS 8.2 and aboveĀ 
Care Functions Home sharing real-time data
Other Functions Step counting, calorie, distance, sleep monitoring, exercise mode, call reminder, alarm clock reminder, raise my hand and brighten the screen, information reminder, etc.
Screen SizeĀ  1.70-inch color screen TFT 240*280
Screen Type IPS HD TFT
BLuetooth 4.2BLE (low power consumption)
Battery Type High density li-polymer
Battery Capcaity 200mAh
Charging Type Magnetic charging (with short circuit protection)
Charging Time About 3-4H
EnduranceĀ  Time Use for 7-10 days and stand by for 30-40 days
Manipulation ModeĀ  Full screen touch control, mobile APP control
Language Bracelet languages: Chinese, English, Traditional, Japanese, French, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Malay, Korean and Poland

APP languages: Chinese, Traditional, English, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Persian, Irish, etc
Material Enclosure: metal alloy
Bottom shell: PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel
strap: environmental protection TPU leather strap
Color 5 matching colors (TPU black/blue/red,
Ā leather black/brown)
Packing Watch, charging cable, instruction manual, packing box
Bracelet size 260*40*11MM (length, width and height) This watch fits your wrist in the 5-8.5inches without airbag installed and 4.5-8inches when installed with airbag.
Box Szie 200*125*30mm
weight 72G
Blood Pressure Smart Watch
smart air pump wrist blood pressure health watch 24-hour wearable sphygmomanometer | All-weather heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring | Body temperature monitoringĀ |Ā Multi-sports mode | Remote care for family members and friendsĀ |Ā Call information reminder
smart watch
1. Blood pressure measurement:Measure blood pressure every morning and evening, which can better manage blood pressure health, continue to measure every day, and continue to observe changes in blood pressure
2. Heart rate monitoring:Through scientifically quantified big data, you can see the daily heart rate value, and you can grasp the physical and mental health with one hand
3. Pay attention to heart health
4. Respiration rate monitor
5. Blood oxygen,sleep body temperature respiration monitor
6. Comprehensive health monitoring function.
blood pressure smartwatch
Wrist blood pressure :
specialist Ingeniously superimposed structures such as micro air pumps and airbags, blood pressure measurement technology is integrated into the watch, and the side double button design is simple and orderly; the cabin-shaped high-hardness alloy middle frame outlines a soft and delicate outline.
Note: This product is not a medical device, the measurement data and results are for reference only, not as a medical basis.
blood pressure watch
Memory steel ring soft silicone pressurized airbag More comfortable to wear
It adopts memory rim silicone airbag, which can be adjusted in one shot, can be straightened and bent freely, and it is comfortable and convenient to wear and fit the wrist.
blood pressure smartwatch
Removable airbag strap design Fully sense blood vessel signals Smart timing measurement
no longer have to worry about forgetting to measure blood pressure One-button inflated airbag to measure blood pressure throughout the whole process, simple and practical is really smart
blood pressure smartwatch
Hardware chip upgrade Accurate measurement and worry-free
Integrated high-precision air pump pressure sensor, ergonomic arc-shaped airbag, stable during the pressurization process, and improve the stability of blood pressure testing.
blood pressure smartwatch
Blood pressure measurement at your fingertips
New blood pressure measurement method, you can measure blood pressure without connecting to a mobile phone. Keep abreast of changes in your body.
blood pressure smartwatch
blood pressure smartwatch
Thermometer on wrist
It measures body temperature in real time around the clock and has the ability to monitor health. The temperature measurement can be used for accurate analysis, grasp the state of the body, and keep health firmly in hand.
blood pressure smartwatch
Real-time heart rate monitoring
Through innovative optical path structure design, combined with intelligent heart rate algorithm, it can do a good job in all-day heart rate monitoring and high heart rate early warning, quickly and accurately, and comprehensively assess the working condition of the heart. Your health needs to be fully understood.
blood pressure smart watch
Blood oxygen saturation monitoring
SpO2 (SpO2) is the blood The combined capacity of oxygen and hemoglobin accounts for.Percentage of total hemoglobin volume, That is, the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood.
bp doctor med smartwatch
"Lung" healthy breathing rate monitoring
One ups and downs of the chest is one breath, that is, the number of breaths per minute is called breathing rate. The human body breathes in oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide, thereby maintaining the normal function of the lungs. When an adult is calm, the breathing rate is about 12-22 times per minute.
bp doctor med watch
Message call prompt reminder
After the watch is connected to the phone, it will synchronously receive mobile APP messages and push calls on the watch.Whether you are doing housework or exercising, you will never miss any important news.
blood pressure smart watch
Sleep quality monitoring
The sleep quality is automatically monitored throughout the whole process, and the sleep status of the sleeper is monitored at night. Data is recorded, and sleep quality is scored on the APP.
bp watch
Protect family health remotely Care is always online
The APP supports remote server spatial data sharing, and you can view family health data reports such as exercise, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, etc. at any time, so that you can rest assured that you are not absent from care and love.
bp med watch
Strong magnetic charging
Intelligent power saving algorithm, low power consumption chip, large capacity battery, Get rid of frequent charging, longer battery lifeĀ 
bp med watch
Multiple dials can be switched freely
A variety of exquisite dials can be changed at will to meet various daily matching needs.
bp doctor med smart watch
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