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Multifunctional health monitoring smartwatch ECG9


Take control of your health with the feature-packed Blood Oxygen Watch. Monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns for a comprehensive understanding of your well-being. With ECG electrocardiogram and...

Color: Black


Material: Silicone watch band

Silicone watch band
Leather watch band

Take control of your health with the feature-packed Blood Oxygen Watch. Monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep patterns for a comprehensive understanding of your well-being. With ECG electrocardiogram and Bluetooth communication.


ECG ECG function Ā Metto function Respiratory rate and heart rate monitoring Exercise function: step count/calorie/distance multiple exercise modes
Bluetooth call Pressure measurement, Blood pressure monitoring
Long endurance standby
Non-invasive blood glucose measurement Temperature monitoring Sleep monitoring

Multiple dial switchingĀ call reminder

HRV function Blood oxygen monitoring, Sedentary reminder and other health functions Silent alarm clock
AI medical diagnosis Respiratory rate and heart rate monitoring Remote family and friend care function 1.85-inch high-resolution 320 * 386 full touch screen, music control.calculator, gaming.


Master Chip 7013A Screen Size 1.39-inch high-resolution 360*360 screen
Contact temperature sensor Screen Type IPS HD TFT
Blood oxygen Infrared light+red light true blood oxygen BLuetooth 5.0BLE (low power consumption)
gravity sensorĀ  KXTJ3-1057 Battery Type High density li-polymer
ECG chip VP555ER Battery Capcaity 260mAh
PPG chip Dual PD-VP555ER Charging Type Magnetic suction charging
Virbation Mute/vibrate Charging Time About 3-4H
Waterpfoof Level IP67 EnduranceĀ  Time 3-5 days of use and 20+days of standby
Compatible System Android 4.4 and aboveļ¼ŒiOS 8.2 and aboveĀ  Manipulation ModeĀ  Full screen touch control, mobile APP control
Language Watch end 13 languages:
Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, German,Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Korean, Poland, Czech, Traditional.
APP language:
Russian, Hungarian, TĆ¼rkiye, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Japanese, French, Polish, Persian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean.
Packing Watch, charging cable, instruction manual, packing box
Material Shell: metal alloy + stainless steel
Bottom shell: PC+ABS+medical 316 steel sheet
Strap: Eco-friendly silicone/leather strap
Bracelet size 260 * 38 * 11MM (length, width, height)
Color 5 colors, black body matching (TPU black, blue, red 3 colors, and leather black, leather brown) weight Single head silicone strap 56G, complete set 188G


Smart Watch


Hd large screen | Bluetooth call I ECG+PPG | Al medical diagnosis | Blood oxygen monitoring l Blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring I HRV Heart rate variability I Sleep monitoring I Movement patterns| NFC | may take off the pressure test

Ecg + call comprehensive upgrade

1.91-inch high screen Wonderful presentation

1.91-inch square HD display Great content pops up on the screen. Metal body and toug hened glass bezel, through 10 Process grinding, forming a beautiful surface transition, both texture and durability.

Thin and light are more evolved More comfortable to wear

With innovative design to lead the trend of lightweight, super thin body, refresh again Huawei wearable products slim record. Daily use or nightwear, intimate Comfortable and light without feeling. retina comprehensive screen with fashion simple

Bigger screen, more space The app layout is easy to follow

The large screen makes the watch's application space also become larger interface Adjustment, application layout are more flexible, easier to operate.

Electrocardiogram detection

Support all-day ECG measurement, based on smart pulse technology medical hardware standards, Through the ECG measurement principle,the bio electrical signal of the heart can be collected for 30s Viewing ECG data

Al intelligent analysis Electrocardiogram report

Through intelligent analysis of big data, it was compared with more than 10 kinds of heart diseases waiting for diagnosis Keep track of your health at all times

One-touch Bluetooth call answer

Whether at home to finish the housework, or on the way out, mobile phone calls and When pushed to the watch, one button answer. Connect Bluetooth to synchronize phone records Phone books free hands anytime, anywhere

Zero pain from needle insertion Monitor blood glucose trends at all times

Self-developed non-invasive blood glucose rheology technology can be measured

by needle-free blood collection Blood sugar trends to avoid infection, pain risk.

More safe and comfortable real-time Know what happens to your blood sugar.


Ecg monitoring, waveform acquisition, point map formation, anomaly analysis, user management One step in place, through HRV report analysis, heart abnormalities early known.


High precision temperature sensor can automatically monitor body temperature changes, historical data can check body temperature The curve data is updated in real time, so that you go away everyday, more peace of mind.


Metto refers to the metabolic equivalent of energy, transliterated as Metto, which is the energy of quiet, seated Based on consumption, it is a common indicator to express the relative level of energy metabolism in various activities. An internationally accepted measure of physical activity.

All-weather heart rate tracking Keep abreast of your daily routine

A regular dynamic heart rate is a hard indicator of heart health, except in athletes The ideal heart rate of ordinary people in quiet state is 60-100 times/min, always pay attention Heart rate changes to ensure heart health.


Based on the heart rate monitoring technology, the continuous non-sensory measurement of blood oxygen and oxygen in the blood Lower case reminders, let you know the health function anytime and anywhere

Blood pressure trend monitoring Health management at a glance

10/60min automatic/timed measurement, complete record of the wearer's blood pressure for one day Change trend, more intuitive reaction health status

Automatic sleep stage monitoring Sleep till dawn Real-time monitoring of sleep heart rate, sleep quality, sleep analysis, generate for you The Sleep Report, a snapshot of your sleep status, helps you fall asleep every night


By breathing training It helps you manage stress, improve your concentration and relax

Ten thousand styles to choose from

APP dial continues to push new, smart style to follow one's heart, personality collocation See every day, support custom editing dial, beautiful moment all close to the wrist Keep the freshness online daily

Multiple sets of menu interface

Built-in multiple sets of menu interface, different styles, you can choose.

Call reminder Real-time message push

After the App is connected and paired, the watch can vibrate to remind

Display message content and call number to effectively resolve noisy environment Meetings and other situations where it is inconvenient to look at your phone


Get rid of battery anxiety

260mAh large capacity polymer lithium battery allows you to use standby longer

IP67 grade water and dust resistant Meet various usage scenarios

With excellent sealing performance, safe and reliable {ing excellent waterproof Performance, not only easily cope with the splash of domestic water, more can Resist a lot of sweat during sports, wear more at ease

Often exercise long young Your all-around gym partner

Multiple exercise modes, corresponding physical training programs, make you feel The joy of sweating like rain. Healthy living starts on your wrist.

A table in hand, easy travel You are in control of your life

Breathing exercise, message reminder, call rejection, SMS reminder, time alarm Music control, remote phone photography, stopwatch, countdown, calculator Sitting reminders, women's health, finding your phone, the weather forecastā€¦

It's like a wrist There's always one for you

Pure color table frame, simple color matching, whether it is street sports or fashion business Can be easily navigated. The silicone band is soft and skin-friendly, and feels more refreshing to wear Leather strap more business style, you can match.

Additional Information

Black, Blue, Red, Brown


Silicone watch band, Leather watch band