Make Women in Their 40s and 50s Look Better

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I don’t know if you are like me, you never think age is a sign, it seems to be a simple number. Women of any age are graceful and beautiful.

In this era of "judging people by their appearance", middle-aged and elderly women do not seem to have a great advantage, but sometimes appearance is not the only criterion for testing fashion and elegance, but they can be worn!

Good dressing is like a passport, which can not only enhance one's own charm, but also create a good taste, and the key point is to show one's external beauty. Appropriate outfits can indeed improve your appearance, charm and taste. It may not be so immediate, but it can subtly affect you and make your outfits more natural.

Then a question arises, how should women in their 40s and 50s dress? In fact, women in their 40s and 50s want to dress in a high-end and luxurious way. These ideas should be kept in mind, which are very practical.

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Tip a: Mainly the basic money

Basic clothing such as coats, suits, shirts, knitwear, wide-leg pants, etc., can guarantee the natural beauty of wearing, and look comfortable and versatile.

Moreover, if these clothes are combined casually, there will be no mistakes, and they can stand the test of time and scrutiny, and it is OK to wear them in life.

Tip b: Basic color/low saturation color

If the basic clothing is simple and elegant, with a hint of aura, then when the basic clothing is added with the basic color, it can really collide with different sparks, visually showing delicacy and aura.

Generally speaking, the basic colors: black and white gray, earth color and dark blue are very fashionable, but if you really want to choose bright colors, it is recommended to reduce the saturation of the color, such as: malachite green, dry rose pink, indifferent green, etc. Both can reflect a certain sense of tenderness. Even so, we still need to pay attention to it. It is enough to have a bright color all over the body. If there are too many, it will look fancy and unnatural.

Tip c: Shape the waistline to elongate the ratio

If you are wearing a windbreaker, long skirt or coat, etc., the loose version will make us look bloated, then at this time, use the "waistline" to create a certain visual proportion, so that it looks taller and taller. Look thin.

Use a belt as a decoration in long clothes, which can not only get rid of the heavy feeling of wearing, but also make the body proportions well divided and create the golden section point, which is suitable for tall and small girls.

In addition, it can also be created through the division of colors and the way of stuffing the corners of the clothes. They are all great. They don't look sloppy, but they also look very atmospheric and have aura.

Tip d: layering to create a sense of hierarchy

In addition, in the autumn and winter outfits, layering is also a way that can often be seen, and the biggest advantage of layering is: it is versatile without being picky!

But when layering, pay attention to some skills, such as: the length of clothing, the number of items to be layered, etc., and the most common layering collocations are coat + suit and coat + vest + shirt.

This way of dressing can not only allow you to be suitable for various occasions and wear your own style, but also avoid the heavy feeling of wearing. At the same time, the combination of soft and hard fabrics also brings a small sense of layering. It is crisp and neat to wear, and looks fashionable.

Tip e: The blessing of accessories does not appear single

In addition, accessories also occupy a large proportion in outfits. Although you may think that accessories are not so eye-catching and seem not so important, they can enhance the fashion and fashion effect of clothing, and they can also be worn. A sense of sophistication.

The most common accessories are hats, scarves, watches and bags. The accessories can match the color of the clothing and contrast the color. The matching color will not produce a fancy feeling, and it also delays the fashion sense of the outfit. The contrasting color can avoid the heaviness of the outfit, play a finishing touch, and enhance the focus and eye-catching. So no matter which form, it is a very good choice.

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Generally speaking, small tips and methods are still very suitable for older women. It helps to improve the way of dressing, and can also make the original monotonous dressing interesting. The focus is stylish and attractive, so it seems very simple A few dressing ideas, but can make women in their 40s and 50s look better, it is so practical, I wonder if you have learned it? You can leave a message to interact~


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