Why Your Outfits Are Always Not So Good-looking

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You don’t know how to match, and it doesn’t look good. It’s not necessarily your problem, but the wrong way to dress. In fact, dressing and collocation is not a kind of relying on the original figure. After the later skills and ideas, we can subtly change some of the original shortcomings of the original ecology.

So don't be particularly entangled, as long as you can change your beauty and temperament on the original basis, and don't force yourself to compare with others, then you will become happy. So today's collocation ideas are in the right direction, but retain the beauty of the original ecology, allowing you to improve from the original foundation.

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#Tips1: The color is softer and the collocation is more elegant, suitable for women in the workplace

In fact, the matching shape is not good-looking. Sometimes it may lack a little warmth, which seems a bit too cold and not so approachable.

In fact, whether you are a cold girl or a light mature girl, you can try a gentler color scheme as much as you want, and you will find a new continent.
Gentle color matching and gentle matching are not only beneficial to our daily life, but also beneficial to some of your workplaces and dating occasions. It can make our communication skills stronger, and it can also improve our self-confidence.

Therefore, dressing and matching does not necessarily just make us beautiful. In fact, to a certain extent, it also plays a role in psychological self-emphasis, making ourselves more confident, generous, and clear.

Therefore, appropriate outfits can indeed properly increase our fashion sense, reduce our psychological burden, and make us look brand new.

Gentle collocation is just one of the ways, suitable for most fashion occasions. But if your facial features are more angular, you can also try some European and American fashion collocations. Because even a versatile item is not suitable, so the unsuitable style should be changed as soon as possible.

#Tips2: Add some accessories, some more colors, and a strong sense of fashion

In fact, whether it is the same color matching or All black matching, the purpose is the same, so that the matching steps are reduced.

But as the matching steps of the main body become less, our shape will become more and more simple. Therefore, we also need to emphasize some bright spots and not make the collocation too plain.

After all, in most occasions, being too ordinary is easy to be submerged in the crowd, has no characteristics, and is not easy to be remembered.

So if you want to get a little bit of fashion blessing, then you must get some bright spots. Among them, color is the most important aspect. If more colors are added, the sense of fashion will be enhanced.

The color does not refer to the change of the color of the clothing, but to start with some accessories, so that you can get the bright spots more quickly, and this bright spot can be removed at any time, which can make you become cold again at the right time.

So this kind of accessories matching is very selective, allowing us to enjoy the fun of matching. A fine watch is a great accessory.

#Tips3: Appropriately increase the line coverage to make you look thinner and taller, fashionable and chic

In fact, the dressing style means the line sense of wearing, and the style presents a line curve, which is one of the conditions for the fashionable styling modification we need.

So if you want to modify your figure, the stronger the coverage of the lines, the better the matching effect will be, making you look thinner and taller.
But we also need to pay attention, the larger the coverage area of the sense of line, it means that it will appear bloated with the bloated body, so the best way is to be appropriate.

Moderate lines are vertical lines, which can modify different figures, so whether you are a fat girl or a thin girl, you can achieve a slimming effect under this condition.
So if you want to get a fashion magic weapon to look thin, then choose the coverage of the lines, and you can easily achieve the feeling of fashion Chic.

In fact, this technique is not only suitable for autumn and winter, but also for spring and summer. Of course, in summer, if you can add a waistline, the slimming effect will be more intense.

Master the above three skills, you can match a lot of good-looking dress. Come and try it!


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