The Top 6 Male Exercises For Muscle Growth

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It's no secret that most guys view defined, toned muscles as the perfect physique. You must add muscle if you desire a slim, sculpted figure or the physique of a bloated bodybuilder (think of Brad Pitt from Fight Club). In light of this, I'd want to impart some of the wisdom I've acquired over the course of my extensive experience as a body transformation trainer for male customers. Any serious exercise program is built on a core of the top seven exercises for men to build muscle. They also work the majority of your body's key muscles.

Get ready for calisthenics, dumbbell exercises, and barbell exercises. The routines can be broken up into exercises for the upper and lower bodies or combined into one or more total body exercises. If 12 or more reps become too easy, increase the weight for the optimum results. Cut the weight if you can't complete 8 repetitions.

For a minimum of eight weeks, prepare to perform three to four sets of eight to twelve sessions once or twice a week.


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1 Squat

The squat is the first exercise guys perform to bulk up. For a good reason, squats are referred to as the King (or Queen) of exercises. Simply said, they work every significant muscle in your lower body. Barbell squats and other weight-bearing squat variations can help you strengthen your core and upper body for a full-body exercise. Do backbar squats if you are physically capable of doing so.

Place the bar on a rack at around shoulder height to perform a barbell squat. Place the rail into the trap by stepping below it and dragging it down with both hands for support. Step back with your feet shoulder-width apart after opening the rail. Back off the seat and bring your thighs parallel to the floor. Attempt to keep your torso as straight as you can while still controlling the bar.

2 Deadlifts

One of the most potent lifts you can perform is the deadlift. They exercise the back, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and quadriceps. The deadlift stimulates the entire lower body greatly and allows you to lift very heavy weights.

Start by setting a barbell on the floor with the required weight on either side to do a barbell deadlift. Step up to the bar until your shins are just above it. Hinge at the waist, use an overhand hold on the bar, or switch grips. Cross the floor while maintaining a straight spine, then elevate the bar until your knees and hips are separated.


3 Dumbbell bench press

One of the most well-liked exercises is the bench press, and for good reason. It enables you to lift substantial weights while growing significant mass in your arms, shoulders, and chest. Dumbbell bench presses offer a smoother, more organic movement, thus I personally prefer them. Having said that, a barbell can also be used.

Sit at the bottom of a weight bench with a dumbbell in each hand to perform the dumbbell bench press. With your arms bent and dumbbells at your sides, lie on your back on a bench. Once your arms are straight, press upward. For the greatest muscle contraction, combine the dumbbells at the top of the exercise.


4 Top Press

The shoulders are mostly worked during pushups. Both barbell overhead pushes and dumbbell variations are exercises I like, but the dumbbell version is more forgiving for beginners who haven't mastered the barbell technique yet.

Start by gripping a dumbbell at shoulder height in each hand as you perform dumbbell push-ups. Lift the dumbbells until your arms lock and then lower them. Squeeze them together as tightly as you can. Go back to the beginning place. Repeat as many times as you like.

Pull-ups are a fantastic exercise for strengthening the muscles in your upper body, particularly the lats, upper back, and biceps. I advise trying the prone, neutral, and supine grips.

To perform a pull-up, hang from the pull-up bar using your preferred grip. As high as you can, pull your body up, ideally with your chest up against the bar. Lower yourself to your starting position. Repeat as many times as you like.


5 Rows of dumbbells

Rowing with dumbbells Exercises that involve horizontal rowing that target the upper back, biceps, and back of the shoulders.

Start by bending forward while holding a dumbbell in one hand and placing the other hand on a bench. Dumbbells should be raised until your upper arms are parallel to your torso. Go back to the beginning place. Repeat as many times as you like.


6 Decline

Push-ups are weight-bearing workouts that strengthen your chest, triceps, and shoulders. Push-ups can be performed on a bench, but I prefer parallel bars or rings since they can support the weight of the entire body.

To perform a push-up, begin on the parallel bars and hold them with your arms at your sides. Lower your chest toward the ground while bending your elbows and locating the middle of your shoulder joints. Make sure your upper arms are parallel to your torso before lowering them. Drive using both hands to get back to the starting position. Repeat until the desired number of times.

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