What is the Correct Bicycle Riding Posture

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Cycling is one of the best aerobic exercises, which can comprehensively exercise the internal organs of the human body, especially to improve cardiorespiratory endurance. Long-term adherence to cycling can develop the heart muscle, increase lung capacity, and improve the function of the respiratory system.

At the same time, compared with jogging and other sports, cycling has less impact on the lower limbs. It can not only effectively exercise the muscles and joints of the lower limbs, but also mobilize the muscles of the trunk and upper limbs.

Compared with other modes of transportation, people ride their bikes in the best emotional state, with the highest stress tolerance, energy and confidence, which can promote mental health and make people happier.


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Parts of The Body While Riding

But the first rule of riding is to have the correct posture, otherwise, these parts of your body will be hurt:

Achilles tendon

Located on the back of the ankle, connects the peroneal muscles to the heel. Pain in this spot can indicate a problem with your pedaling motion or the wrong saddle height. It can be solved by changing the pedaling position of the foot and readjusting the height of the saddle.



The above situation can also cause pain in the ankle, which may also be caused by flat feet. If you have flat feet, you can put some orthopedic pads in the shoes to solve it. Another possibility is that the crank or pedal shaft is bent and caused caused it.


In general, it is caused by incorrect riding posture. The correct riding posture should be that the upper body is leaned forward and the back is slightly arched, not collapsed or straightened. Only in this way will the back not hurt when the road bumps. If it is in a downwardly collapsed posture, it will collapse even more during bumps, causing excessive stretching of the spine and causing back pain. If it is a straight posture, bumps will cause the spine to squeeze each other and cause pain.



Discomfort in the feet is usually caused by shoes and socks. A sole that is too soft will cause the pressure on the feet to be too concentrated. In addition, an excessively high gear ratio forces the rider to pedal with great force, which will also cause pain in the feet. Therefore, it is best to buy a pair of cycling shoes with hard soles, or wear a pair of shoes with thick and hard soles, and wear a pair of suitable and comfortable socks.

Hand and wrist

Long rides can make fingers numb. Bumpy roads can also hurt your hands and wrists. The position of the grips of both hands should be changed frequently, and the hands and wrists should be moved. In addition, it is very beneficial to wear gloves and wrist guards when riding. It is recommended to install a large claw handle (or pickle handle), so that hands and wrists can be rested during riding.


The main causes of knee pain are as follows. Too much force, too high a gear ratio, too low a saddle and wobbly legs when pedaling. Correct these symptoms will be relieved or eliminated.


Discomfort in the shoulders is mostly caused by the handlebars being too low or too narrow. When adjusting the height of the saddle, the height of the handle should be adjusted at the same time.


Correct riding position

  • The upper body is leaned forward, the head is slightly tilted forward, and the eyes are forward.
  • The arms are naturally bent, the handlebars are lightly and powerfully held with both hands, and the waist is bowed.
  • Do vertical circular pedaling movements with your feet to avoid swinging your legs from side to side.
  • Distribute your weight evenly across your hips, feet and hands.

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Pay attention to rest and change postures during riding, and avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time. And you can’t do retaliatory cycling exercises, you should exercise regularly, combine various sports methods, avoid short-term surprise riding, and avoid long-term riding on rough roads.

Pay attention to warm-up and relaxation activities after riding for a long time. It is best to wear a sports watch when riding, which can monitor your heart rate changes in real time, so as to adjust the intensity of cycling.


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