3 Most Effective Exercises for Strengthening the Chest Muscles

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For many people who are new to the gym, getting stronger may be the goal of most of them, and the pectoral muscles are the top priority. The pectoral muscles can make your whole person look fuller, especially when wearing clothes, it will also become more three-dimensional.

We can choose a group of the following 2-3 actions. For better results, new exercises can be rotated every 3 to 4 weeks.


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Push ups

The change of push-up action affects the training effect of different muscle groups. The main changes are the palm distance and the height of the feet.

The distance between the palms is generally shoulder width apart. If it is wider than the shoulders, it will train the external chest muscles, and if it is narrower than the shoulders, it will train the inner chest muscles and chest line.

The height of the feet is also important. If the height of the feet is higher than the palm, it is training the upper chest; if the height of the feet is lower than the palm, it is training the lower chest; the general height is training the pectoralis major.

You can adjust the movements according to the effect you want. Next, I recommend a few push-up movements and talk about their essentials.

Action 1: push-ups

Action essentials:

Arms are spread apart, slightly wider than shoulder width. With your toes on the ground, use your waist and abdomen to control your torso in a straight line. Then spread your elbows to the sides and slowly lower your body until your upper body is close to the ground. Pause briefly, and then control the restoration. Inhale when you fall, exhale when you go up.

Action 2: Narrow push-ups

Action essentials:

The action is basically the same as ordinary push-ups, but it should be noted that the distance between the hands should be narrower than the shoulders, and the upper arms on both sides should be pinched inward.

During the process, the head does not tilt up or down, and the eyes look to the ground. The waist is straight, and the head to the toe should be in a line when viewed from the side.


Flying bird is a weight-bearing training that mainly exercises the chest muscles. Flying bird can make the left and right chest muscles more closed. The simplest equipment can use elastic bands or dumbbells, of course, bird machines and butterfly machines can also be used.

Action 1: Elastic band fly

Action essentials:

Secure the two elastic bands on a more stable frame (such as a strength rack), and grasp the ends of the two elastic bands with both hands. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, staggered back and forth, arms extended but slightly bent, hips slightly forward.

Without changing the degree of bend in the arms, tuck your hands in toward your chest. The recovery movement should still be slow, pay attention to control the rhythm.


Action 2: Dumbbell Fly

Action essentials:

Lie on your back on a horizontal dumbbell bench, hold dumbbells with both hands, palms facing each other, and push up until your arms are straight. When recovering from the action, extend the hands down from both sides, keep the elbows slightly bent, and the lower position is that the elbows are slightly lower than the body level.

During the process, it is important to keep the elbows bent so that you can feel the full stretch of the muscles on both sides of the chest. ​​​​

​The same action includes the upward incline dumbbell fly, the action essentials are basically the same as the dumbbell fly, the difference is that the angle of the dumbbell bench is 30-45 degrees.


Bench press

The bench press mainly focuses on the training of the pectoralis major, and changing the angle of the bench press can effectively train the upper, middle, and lower parts of the pectoralis major. The flat stool exercises the middle chest, the stool tilts upward to exercise the upper chest, and the stool tilts downward to exercise the lower chest, and the inclination angle is mostly between 30 and 45 degrees.

The placement of the soles of the feet also affects the stability of the bench press. Generally, it is more stable when placed flat on the ground, and the abdominal muscles can be exercised together when placed on a stool.

Action 1: Dumbbell push up with oblique grip

Action essentials:

Lie on an incline dumbbell bench, holding dumbbells in both hands. Lift the dumbbells up and straighten your arms, keeping the dumbbells as close together as possible. Slowly lower the arms and open them to the sides. Similar to the state of the arm bent, but this time the forearm is perpendicular to the ground.


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