Summer Health Tips

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The human body's metabolism is very vigorous in summer. We should conform to the climate characteristics of summer and the physiological changes of the human body in summer, and arrange our daily life reasonably to be conducive to health preservation.

Let’s talk about the precautions for health care in summer.

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Drink more water

In summer, the weather is hot, and the amount of perspiration increased significantly, so people need to add more water. In summer, the water intake of the human body is 2-3 times the usual amount. Drink 7-8 cups of warm boiled water every day to keep the body hydrated and prevent heatstroke. Milk or fruit juice without additives can replenish the body's water, and it can also replenish the body's electrolytes taken away by water loss.


Add salt, vitamins, potassium

If you sweat a lot in summer, you will lose a lot of potassium ions, resulting in hypokalemia, manifested as fatigue, dizziness, loss of appetite and other symptoms. The way to supplement potassium in summer is to eat more potassium-containing foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain more potassium. Eat more strawberries, plums, lychees, and apricots.



It is easy to get sleepy in summer, and it is best to have the habit of taking a lunch break, so that you can work more energetically in the afternoon. In summer, you can't sit for too long or sleep in a cool place. In summer, too much sweat flows, the pores open, and it is easy to be attacked by wind and cold. If you blow for a long time, it will cause headaches, muscle aches, etc.

Light diet

Eat less fried food in summer, and eat more light, damp and spleen-invigorating food in summer.

Sweet and cool foods include: highland barley, white lentils, black sesame, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, wax gourd, watermelon, tofu, wheat, etc.

Foods that invigorate the spleen and stomach, and nourish yin and qi include: spinach, lotus root, tomato, apple, mulberry, goose, crucian carp, clams, grapes, milk, etc.

Foods for removing dampness, clearing heat and detoxifying: soybeans, broad beans, cabbage, eggplant, barley, celery, watermelon, cucumber, lotus leaf, orange, loofah, melon, bitter gourd, etc.

Moderate exercise

The amount of exercise in summer should not be too large, just sweat after exercising. In summer, you can choose to do brisk walking in the early morning. When brisk walking, try to choose the riverside and streets with shade, which can prevent heatstroke. Swimming is a fitness program for many people in summer. It not only achieves the purpose of fitness, but also solves the heat caused by the scorching heat. Swimming can exercise the strength of our hands, feet, waist and abdomen, and the calories consumed in the water will be significantly higher than the calories consumed on land. When swimming in summer, you must first wipe your body with cold water, so that your body can adapt The stimulation of cold water prevents accidents such as cramps.

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In the hot summer, the smart watch can monitor body temperature and heart rate at all times, and give you an early warning. In addition, as a motion detector, it can also record various data of your motion to give you the best motion experience.


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