How to Stretch Before and After a Run

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Whether you're a novice runner or a veteran, you want to take your running speed and endurance to the next level. There are several ways to improve speed and endurance, the most common being muscle stretching exercises.

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1 Before running, do some muscle stretching exercises

Make sure to stretch your muscles before training. This prevents injury and reduces the risk of muscle cramps.
Do a few sets of walking lunges. Take a large step forward with your right leg and straighten your left leg behind your body. Lower your body weight and keep your thighs parallel to the ground. Keep your left knee off the ground and your right knee higher than your right ankle. Switch to the left leg and continue the exercise, repeating ten lunges with each leg.

2 Swing leg exercises

Hold on to a stable object such as a chair. Stand on one foot and swing the other leg back and forth. Swing to the maximum extent, that is to say, when swinging forward, lift the leg up as much as possible, and when swinging back, stretch the leg as far as possible to kick back and up. Repeat the exercise on both legs alternately.
Don't swing your legs wildly, or you may get injured easily. The leg swing should be smooth and well controlled.


3 Stretch your muscles after running

Even if you're exhausted after a run, keep stretching your muscles to prevent muscle cramps.
Do standing quadriceps stretches. Stand with your feet side by side, bend your left knee, lean your left foot behind your body to your left hand, and keep your thighs together. Press down on the top of the foot with your hands, being careful not to stretch too much.


4 Complete two sets of standing calf stretches

Stand facing a wall, supporting the wall with your hands at approximately chest level. Touch the wall with the toes of the left foot and the heel of the left foot. Slowly lean down towards the wall, being careful not to stretch too much. Change the right foot to stretch.

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