What Is The Right Jog?

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Life is movement, and jogging is good aerobic exercise. Not only can it play a role in training the body and enhancing immunity, but jogging can also relax the body and mind, which is also of great benefit to the mind. How much do you know about jogging? In the next article you will learn more about jogging.


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The right way to jog

  • When jogging, the upper limbs should be relaxed. When jogging, we don't have to exert ourselves like professional athletes and don't force ourselves too much into the jogging speed, we just train in a relaxed state.
  • Relax your shoulders and avoid hunched postures. Swing your arms naturally, breathing in and out in two or three steps, breathing evenly. Helps regulate lung function.
  • When jogging, lean forward as much as possible to maintain a natural and comfortable range of motion. Leaning too far forward puts more strain on your back muscles. When you lean back, the chest and abdominal muscles become overly tight and cause physical discomfort. Don't swing your torso back and forth or raise and lower yourself too much.
  • The forward swing of the legs and knees must be stretched. Lateral movements can cause knee joint injuries, and lifting is not good. The calf should not be straddled too far to avoid straining the Achilles tendon. Land on the ball of your forefoot.


Best time for jogging

In general, jogging for more than half an hour is best. Jogging should be at 7-8 in the morning, the air is the freshest, the sun has just risen, and the air has been irradiated with ultraviolet rays. If the exercise time is too early, there will be impurities in the air, which is not good for the respiratory tract. In addition, people who have just woken up have high blood sugar levels, and the elderly are prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Since the air quality is not very good at night, it is not recommended to exercise late.


It is better to jog a few times a week

Usually three times a week, each for 30-40 minutes or 6-8 kilometers away.


Do's and don'ts when jogging

1. Small steps: reduce muscle strength and prevent muscle fatigue and strain.

2. When running, don't lower your head, raise your head while keeping your eyes forward. Make sure you maintain a correct running posture so that the cervical spine is not damaged.

3. While running, naturally relax your whole body, don't clench your fists too tightly, at the same time you can also try to straighten your hands.

4. Both feet should land lightly, too heavy landings increase stress on the bones, at the same time the knee joint should be slightly flexed when landing on the front foot.

5. Concentrate to avoid accidentally not noticing the obstacles in front of you.

6. Under normal circumstances, there must be a correct breathing method, four steps and one breath is appropriate, and try to keep this rhythm. At the same time, you can use the breathing method of nasal exhalation and mouth-nose mixed inhalation.

7. At the beginning of long-distance running, due to insufficient oxygen supply, the activity needs of muscles are not met, causing phenomena such as heavy legs, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. People who don't exercise regularly will feel stronger, but this is a relatively normal phenomenon, just stick with it. If you feel uncomfortable, don't force yourself, walk a few hundred yards and use a combination of jogging and walking.

Post-Run Precautions

1. Do not stop to rest immediately after running. After running, the whole body of the human body is active, at this time the body must be relaxed, and there is no need to sit down and rest immediately. After running, it is recommended to walk slowly for a few hundred meters and, after the body is completely relaxed, do some stretching exercises to stretch tight muscles.

2. Do leg stretching exercises after running The purpose is not to strengthen calf muscles, stretch muscle lines, lengthen muscle lines. There are many ways to stretch the leg bands: you can do lunges, do leg stretches like the splits, or relax your calf muscles.

3. When running and after running, pay attention to proper undressing and dressing, do not lose too much clothing due to heavy sweating, and do not freeze off in time due to too many clothes that you cannot take with you.

4. Replenish water in time. What must be remembered is not to start drinking drinks right after a break and not to drink iced drinks. As a rule, there is some period of rest.After the heartbeat returns to normal, add a little boiled water or light salt water.

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