Are Smart Watches Useless or Necessary?


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Since Apple released the Apple Watch, the concept of smart watches has been quickly accepted by the market, and a huge smart watch market has been opened up in a short period of time.

Although Apple Watch, the representative product of sports and health smart watches, was born almost seven years ago, the market size and number of users of smart watches are also increasing day by day, and the number of users is also growing rapidly.

But for many people, smart watches are still just a decoration, and it is difficult to regard them as necessary personal equipment, and many people are still not sure whether they actually need such a product.

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So are smart watches useless or necessary?

Before figuring this out, we need to re-understand smart watches.

In the past, watches could only be used to tell time. With the development of mobile technology, watches can now be connected to the Internet through smartphones or home networks, and have one or more functions such as reminders, navigation, calibration, monitoring, and interaction. This kind of The new watch is called a smart watch.

Since the birth of smart watches, many professionals believe that smart watches will observe and record your various behaviors at any time through various sensors, understand you better than any computer, and then allow various IoT devices to automatically serve you. Will be the key to the Internet of Things era.

In addition to appearance and time, what can smart watches bring us?

1) Information push and timely notification

We can directly check text messages, WeChat, Whatsapp and other message notifications on the smart watch to prevent missing important things. At the same time, by setting the vibration for incoming calls, we can rest assured that the phone is in a silent state in public places and will not cause interference to others. If we buy a smart watch with e-sima function, we can use it independently from the mobile phone to a certain extent.

2) Sports health monitoring

As people continue to pay attention to health issues, sports-related functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen, and exercise mode monitoring have become standard features of most smart watches. In the future, in-depth exploration of sensing technology and applications in health scenarios, blood pressure, Blood sugar and other functions have also become one of the main functions of some smart watches.

Not only that, relying on increasingly accurate sensors, smart watches are not only becoming more and more accurate in health monitoring, but also very accurate in behavioral trajectories and GPS positioning, protecting outdoor travel.
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If the smart watch is equipped with an NFC chip, it can replace the access control card, which is super convenient; with an eSIM card, independent calls can be made. It can be linked with mobile phones, and some smart watches can even be linked with smart homes. The convenient performance of the interconnection of things brings more fun to our daily lives.

To sum up, a smart watch is a personal terminal product that has both "decorative attributes" and "functional attributes". When choosing a smart watch, one should consider who is buying it for and what needs it mainly wants to fulfill. If you want to monitor your exercise, health, etc., it is indeed a very portable and easy-to-use "necessary" product.

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