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children gps tracker

Waterproof photo smart watch for kids W14TD826

Waterproof Photo Watch with an IPS HD screen, specially designed for children! This watch combines functionality and durability, with its waterproof feature providing peace of mind for parents. Feature: 1.Waterproof...
best kids watch

Multiple precise positioning children's watch W14HW811

Multiple precise positioning children's watch, equipped with GPS+LBS technology and other advanced features. This model boasts a depth waterproof design (IP67) along with a set of precise positioning cameras. Feature:...
kids watch with gps tracker

GPS video calling children's watch W14LT832

This GPS video calling children's watch, equipped with 4G network connectivity for seamless communication. With its card dial feature, parents can easily reach their kids anytime. The watch boasts a...
blue tooth watch

Small games children's talk watch W14LT831

The watch automatically calibrates the network, ensuring a seamless experience.  Plus, the historical track playback function lets parents keep an eye on their children's where abouts. Feature: 1. One-button video...
smart watch pink

Splash and Play: Deep Waterproof Children's Watch W14K826

The Kidsafe Watch is a deep waterproof children's watch packed with an array of essential features. With an address book, video call, dialing, camera, and photo album, it keeps your...
tracker watches for kids

Remote photo children's watch W14K818

Discover the Remote Photo Children's Watch, an advanced wearable device for your child's safety. The electronic fence feature allows you to set virtual boundaries, receiving instant alerts when your child...
Children's video positioning watch W14K158H

Children's video positioning watch W14K158H

Experience the convenience of group chat with our Children's video positioning watch. This feature allows your child to chat with friends and family members using different devices, including the watch...
sos 10 screen connect

Communicate and Stay Connected KID Watch W14K89

Capture precious moments remotely with the remote photography feature. Stay motivated and track your fitness goals with the meter step and micro chat functionalities. Stay organized with the schedule, alarm...
smart watch for kids girls

Smart phone watch for children W14D806S

This innovative device offers a wide range of features to ensure their safety and well-being. The GPS precise positioning feature allows parents to track their child's location with accuracy and...
blood pressure wrist watch

BP Doctor Med 6 4.0 Rectangular Dial Blood Pressure Smartwatch

Blood Pressure Wrist Watch Product Model: BPDS6-4.0Product Description: Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensorSpecial Features: air pump+airbag true blood pressure test, independent accurate...
Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

BP Doctor Pro 12 4.0 Circle Dial Blood Pressure Smartwatch

Blood Pressure Monitor Watch Product Model:BPDS12-4.0 Description:Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure,Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensor Main Feature:Air pump+balloon true blood pressure test, body temperature monitoring, blood oxygen...
Smart Watch With Blood Oxygen

Smartwatch With Blood Oxygen Temperature Monitoring IP68 Waterproof

Smart Watch With Blood Oxygen BPF60 smart watch True blood oxygen temperature monitoring 1.7-inch HD large screen IP68 waterproof ultra long endurance multi-language Product Parameter  Product Model BPF60 Master Chip...