Blood Pressure Monitor Watch
Blood Pressure Monitor Watch
Blood Pressure Monitor Watch
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BP Doctor Pro 12 4.0 Circle Dial Blood Pressure Smartwatch

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Blood Pressure Monitor Watch Product Model:BPDS12-4.0 Description:Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure,Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensor Main Feature:Air pump+balloon true blood pressure test, body temperature monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring,...

Color: Black TPU Strap

Black TPU Strap
Black Leather Strap
Brown Leather Strap

Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

Product Model:BPDS12-4.0

Description:Air pump+air bag type true blood pressure,Nonlinear high precision air pressure sensor

Main Feature:Air pump+balloon true blood pressure test, body temperature monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, respiration rate. Sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder and other health management functions.

Exercise function: counting stepscaloriesdistance, multiple exercise modes. Health functions such as heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc. Remote care for relatives and friends. Wearable hardware+smart APP+ big data cloud service can be worn by people, and data can be controlled, displayed and recorded through APP. Long battery life standby. Multi-dial switching

Other Functions Step counting, calorie, distance, sleep monitoring, exercise mode, call reminder, alarm clock reminder, raise my hand and brighten the screen, information reminder, etc. Special Features: air pump+airbag true blood pressure test, independent accurate blood oxygen, body Temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitoring, remote relatives and friends care.

Master Chip Nordic52832
Blood oxygen OSRAM (osram) 2703
CT1711 array
PPG chip OSRAM (osram) 2703
Virbation Mute/vibrate
Compatible System Android 4.4 and aboveļ¼ŒiOS 8.2 and aboveĀ 
Care Functions Home sharing real-time data
Screen SizeĀ  1.3-inch color screen TFT 240*240
Screen Type IPS HD TFT
BLuetooth 4.2BLE (low power consumption)
Battery Type High density li-polymer
Battery Capcaity 200mAh
Charging Type Magnetic charging (with short circuit protection)
Charging Time About 3-4H
EnduranceĀ  Time Use for 7-10 days and stand by for 30-40 days
Manipulation ModeĀ  Full screen touch control, mobile APP control
Language Bracelet languages: Chinese, English, Traditional, Japanese, French, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Malay, Korean and Poland

APP languages: Chinese, Traditional, English, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Czech, Greek, Polish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Danish, Finnish, Arabic, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Persian, Irish, etc
Material Enclosure: metal alloy
Bottom shell: PC+ABS+ medical 316 steel
strap: environmental protection TPU leather strap
Color 3 colors (TPU black, leather black, leather brown)
Packing Watch, charging cable, instruction manual, packing box
Bracelet size 265*46*12.6MM (length, width and height) This watch fits your wrist in the 5-8.5inches without airbag installed and 4.5-8inches when installed with airbag.
Box Szie 20*12.5*3cm
weight 75G
Blood Pressure Monitor Watch
heart monitor watch
bp doctor pro
There is a sense of beauty and more texture
The use of tempered glass mirror, transparent and wear-resistant.Daily friction and bumping, not easy to leave marksZinc alloy frame with comfortable case back,light and strong, scratch and wear resistantFrom the surface to the inside, there is a sense of beauty and quality
heart monitor watch
Tough from the inside out Tough exterior, rigorous craftsmanship
The overall shape is tough, well-defined and full of powerThe details of the watch body and the reinforced design of the internal structure, taking into account the sense of power and practicalityLet the toughness from the inside to the outside,more durable to accompany you in the battle
heart monitor watch
Measure blood pressure anytime, anywhere
Business trip/travel One touch measurement, no need to bring A large blood pressure measuring device.
oxygen saturation monitor

HD full touch screen,Exercise Health Companionļ¼ŒInformation Alertsļ¼Œ24-hour heartrate testingļ¼ŒSleep Monitoring,Body temperature monitoring,Respiratory rate monitoring,Blood Oxygen Monitoring,Exercise mileage step count/calories, Music Control

One-touch airbag pressurization
More accurate measurementThe strap is air-balloon pressurized during blood pressure measurement, and the 12-stripe circuit accurately captures each blood pressure signal
oxygen saturation monitor
Skin-friendly silicone pressurized airbag
More comfortableato wear and useAdopt adjustable silicone airbag, one shot, can be straightened and bent Free to adjust the size, wear fit wrist, comfortable and convenient.
oxygen finger monitor
Detachable airbag strap design Full sensing of vascular signals
Intelligent timing measurement, no longerworry about forgetting to take blood pressure The whole process of one key airbag bulge to measure blood pressure, simple and practical is the real intelligence
oxygen finger monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor Watch
Blood pressure measurement at your fingertips
Contains two types of blood pressure measurement, fast measurement mode, no need to wear an airbag fast and convenient; accurate measurement mode, wear an airbag, more accurate measurement, always respond to the needs of different scenarios.
smart band watch
Nocturnal hypertension Morning peak phenomenon
Focus on early morning blood pressure Assessment prevention/ cerebrovascular events
24-hour ambulatory blood pressure levels,nighttime blood pressure levels, andearly morning blood pressure levels are even more strongly and significantly associated with cardiovascular disease risk
blood pressure chart
Optical heart rate for wrist
Optical heart rate sensor built into the back case of the watch, fits closely to your wrist when you wear it Continuously monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day and keep a close eye on your heart rate changes.Provide you with a full day of heart rate data to guard your healthy life.
smart band watch
Blood Pressure Monitor Watch
Thermometer on the wrist
Easy to measure body temperature in the temperature 19-32Ā°C environment
smart watch blood pressure
"Lung Health Respiratory Rate Monitoring
Ā One rise and fall of the chest is one breath, i.e. one inhalation and one exhalation The number of breaths per minute is called the respiratory rate. The human body breathes in in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide to maintain the normal function of the lungs.The respiratory rate at rest is about 12-22 times per minute
smart watch blood pressure
Sleep monitoring Adjustment of work and rest

By monitoring sleep positions, monitoring your sleep time as well as sleep quality, in-depth knowledge, deep sleep, light sleep, awake, etc.You can also learn the sleep history through the app
Multiple movement modes
We advocate a more natural way of exercise Multiple exercise modes on the smartwatchto make you burden-free and saferMore effective to stick to exercise and accomplish our goals
Remote care for friends and family
View exercise or health data reports of friends and relatives remotely at any time, so that you are far away from home Not to worry about your parents at home and affect your work
Incoming calls, SMS, APP notifications...All kinds of alerts without missing

When the phone calls or receives a message notificationEven if your phone is in your bag or you're busy and don't notice it ringingThe watch will vibrate to remind you of important notificationsThe watch lights up when you lift your hand to view the information
Multi-dial free switching
A variety of beautiful dials can be switched at will to meet various daily matching needs
VLong-lasting battery life
200mAh large capacity battery, ultra-long standby no longer worry about out of power on the way

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Black TPU Strap, Black Leather Strap, Brown Leather Strap