How to Effectively Stimulate the Biceps

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The biceps are much less difficult to work than other muscle groups. If you want to develop strong biceps, you don't need fancy fitness movements, you just need to grasp the training load reasonably, and there is only one basic movement-elbow curl. So whether you're at home or in the gym, it's easy to build biceps.

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Training technique is key!

The training action for the biceps is very simple, that is, arm curls.

Here we take the traditional dumbbell curl as an example, let’s familiarize ourselves with the essentials of the action:

â‘ The upper body is naturally straight, the shoulders are kept sinking, and the dumbbells are placed on both sides of the body with half-handed hands. It is best not to use grasping.

â‘¡Slightly bend the arm for pre-strength, keep the upper arm close to the body, and try to keep the elbow joint as still as possible.

â‘¢Keep the wrist joint in a neutral position, do not bend, and use the strength of the biceps to move the dumbbell upwards for curling until the biceps are fully squeezed.

â‘£ After holding at the highest point for 1-2s, lower the control speed slowly to the pre-strength state, remember not to completely lower the arm to unload the biceps brachii.

A single training action will inevitably make the trainer feel boring, and even the muscles will quickly enter a state of exhaustion under a single stimulus, so if you want to better stimulate the biceps, training skills are the key!

The next three skills recommended to you must be mastered, and they will definitely help you!


Skill 1: Learn to isolate the "biceps", so that the body cannot take advantage of it

There are two things to keep in mind when isolating the biceps:

â‘ Establish the training mode of "unity of thought and movement", that is, the connection between muscles and brain nerves. Instead of doing dumbbell curls every time, focus on your chest muscles.

â‘¡Isolate the biceps brachii by improving posture. For example, one-handed curling in a sitting position, and the elbow joint is placed on the inner thigh for one-handed curling. This is very obvious for the isolation of the biceps brachii, effectively preventing the phenomenon of borrowing force during the training process.

When we can effectively isolate the biceps and no longer use force, then the training effect will naturally increase a level.


Skill 2: Flexible use of movement weight combinations

Negative case:

John1RM's dumbbell curl is 12kg, that is, the weight completed under one standard movement is 12kg, so in order to do 8-12 times for each movement, he will use 7.5kg for curling, every time.

Correct way:

â‘ Use a 5kg dumbbell to curl, activate the biceps, and perform 2-3 sets.

â‘¡Use a 7.5kg dumbbell to curl, further stimulate the biceps brachii, and perform 1-2 sets.

â‘¢Use a 10kg dumbbell to perform curls to strengthen the biceps brachii, and perform 4 sets.

â‘£Use a 7.5kg dumbbell to perform curls to further strengthen the biceps brachii and perform 4 sets.


Skill 3: Use Supersets to Finish Your Workout

The super group is to combine the original inter-group interval community into a "big group" through two different actions or training methods of different intensities.

For example, we often say that the decline group, the typical "21-gun salute" of the biceps is the representative of the super group

Continuing with the previous case as an example:

After using 10kg dumbbells for curling, we should rest for about 30 seconds, and the super group is to remove the rest time, and further use dumbbells (5kg) lower than the original weight for curling. These two groups form a set of super Group. Of course, there will be breaks between supersets.

In addition, for biceps curls, there are first half, second half, and full range. That is, a set of the first half, then a set of the second half without rest, and then a set of the whole course, 7 times in each group. Such a super group composed of three groups is what we often call the "21-gun salute".

It is recommended that the super group use light weight for strengthening and stimulation at the end, and the effect is very significant.

If you want to build biceps, training is important, but you must not jump out of the thinking mode of muscle growth. On the basis of training, reasonable arrangements for diet and work and rest are also crucial.

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