How To Ease Anxiety By Relaxing Your Body

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We all have anxiety from time to time. Appropriate anxiety can help us find problems, which is a good thing. But the long-term accumulation of stressors will keep you in anxiety, in which case you have to readjust your mentality. Because of the fear and fear that something bad will happen, we live in a state of constant anxiety, unable to relax and enjoy the present moment. Sometimes anxiety goes away when the stressor goes away. But for some people, anxiety can haunt them forever, and life can become dull. Finding ways to relax your body is the first step in getting rid of anxiety.

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1. Take a deep breath

Stop what you are doing and just focus on your breath. When you inhale, draw air into your abdominal cavity, not just your upper chest cavity. Then exhale slowly through the nose. Repeat five times, then resume normal breathing. Your chest should become more relaxed, allowing you to breathe more easily.

  • Place your hands on your belly and feel your belly swell with the inhalation of air to see if you're taking a deep breath.

2. Correct your posture

When you're anxious, your body naturally wants to protect itself. And straightening your torso can signal your brain that it's your time to take control. Roll back your shoulders, straighten your spine, and lift your chin. You'll soon feel more grounded, and your anxiety will fade away.

3. Walk

Moving your body can take you out of an anxious state. Not only does walking take the focus away from things that cause anxiety, but it also releases mood-elevating hormones. Going outside for a walk, if you can, and being in touch with nature can also improve your mood.

  • Any exercise that moves the body can banish anxiety, not just walking.

4. Yoga

Doing yoga on a regular basis can reduce anxiety and ease your body's reactions to anxiety. Take a yoga class, or practice with yoga videos or books.

  • You could try doing ten minutes of yoga in the morning or evening. If you practice yoga regularly, when you need to use yoga to relieve anxiety, it will be much easier for you.


5. Do progressive muscle relaxation exercises

Beginning with the toes, tense and relax the muscles in that area. After relaxing the toes, perform the exercise with the soles of the feet. Practice upwards one by one, until the scalp is finished. This method relaxes your entire body.

  • This method can also be a good way to relieve insomnia.

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Whether you're doing yoga or taking a walk, a smart watch is a great recorder. It can track your exercise and body changes, such as blood pressure, heart rate and so on.


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