How to Improve Digestion

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The process of breaking down food is called digestion, and the broken down food is more easily absorbed by the body. Different foods are digested in different ways and therefore at different rates. How quickly food is digested is mainly determined by how the body works, but there are ways to help the body digest food faster and better. Read the guide below for tips on improving your digestion!


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1. Exercise regularly

Strengthening physical exercise can promote the peristalsis of food in the digestive tract, thereby promoting the speed of food digestion. Physical exercise also speeds up the entire digestive process.

  • Exercise can shorten the time food is held in the large intestine, thereby preventing constipation and improving digestion, while also preventing the body from absorbing excess water from feces.
  • Exercise can also stimulate the contraction of the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, which speeds up the digestion process of food.
  • Exercise about an hour after a meal, so that the blood in the body will be supplied to the digestive system instead of flowing into the heart and other exercise muscles.

2 More rest

Sleep can allow the digestive organs to adjust and repair themselves, allowing them to digest food more quickly and efficiently. Adjust your work and rest time, so that the digestive system can be better improved.

  • Don't go to bed immediately after eating, wait for two or three hours, so that the body has enough time to digest the food.
  • Sleep on your left side. Some research suggests that sleeping on your left side can improve digestion.

3. Drink more water

Drink plenty of water, especially tea or water, during and after meals to help digestion. Fluids promote digestion and keep the body hydrated.

  • Staying hydrated is key for the body to produce adequate saliva and digestive juices.
  • Water also softens stools and prevents constipation.
  • At the same time, water can also promote the function of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is an essential element in the digestive process.

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