Ten Minute Meditation Practice for Beginners

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If you have tried to meditate and the effect is not good, it may be because you are too impetuous at the moment of meditation, and you are eager to force yourself into a meditation state before your emotions calm down (and even keep blaming yourself for being distracted). Before meditating, in order to relax the body and mind first, it is recommended to calm the heart through simple stretching, and then start to meditate to effectively reduce stress.

It should be noted that during the meditation process, if you find that your state today is more agitated than usual, there is no need to force yourself to reach a state of complete meditation. Meditation is a long-term practice process. It is recommended to give yourself more space and time.

⭐The following will share the "10-minute meditation practice" brought into stretching; the first 3-5 minutes are stretching, and the next 5 minutes are meditation. Let's try it together!


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Meditation practice Step1: Pigeon pose

  • Bend the front foot to 90 degrees, and extend the back foot back to touch the ground.
  • On the left and right sides of the body, use the cup hands to the ground.
  • Gently lower your body forward, stay, and then switch sides. (Hold for 30-60 seconds on one side)


Meditation Exercise Step2: Butterfly Legs Bend Forward

  • Starting from the sitting posture, first grab the two feet out of the front and rear distance of a footboard, and adjust the sitting posture.
  • Then join the feet together.
  • Inhale to extend the spine upward.
  • Exhale to bring the stomach close to the thighs, and slowly lie down forward. (Maintain for 30-60 seconds)


Meditation Practice Step3: Happy Baby Pose

  • Enter the lying position, open your legs, keep your thighs close to your stomach (bend your knees to 90 degrees), hold your feet with your hands, deepen your movements through the sinking power of your hands, and keep breathing.
  • Then the body gently fell to the right.
  • The body then gently fell to the left. (for 30-60 seconds).


Meditation practice Step4: Enter meditation

  • Cross your legs, put your hands flat on your knees, gently close your eyes, and feel your breath every time. (Each meditation takes about 5 minutes).


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A smartwatch is not just a tool for tracking your fitness and receiving notifications. It may surprise you that it can be an excellent companion for your meditation practice. With its ability to monitor your heart rate, breathing, and stress levels, a smartwatch can help you stay focused and centered during your meditation sessions.


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