Top 5 Benefits of Meditation

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You may have heard that meditation can help reduce anxiety, but what is it? Why does it relieve anxiety, and how do we get into a meditative state? Besides alleviating anxiety, what other benefits does meditation have?

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What is meditation?

Meditation is a mind-changing exercise that exercises "self-awareness" and "relaxes the brain".

Through meditation, we can enter a state of focus and center and relieve anxiety. At the same time, it can also provide an opportunity to listen carefully to your inner voice, help you understand yourself, bring yourself back to the present from anxiety and learn to be alone with yourself.


How to meditate? What should be in the mind when meditating?

If you are a beginner in meditation, you can try to close your eyes, close your vision and open your hearing to feel the changes in your surroundings.

If you are in a noisy environment, try to listen to the sound of traffic outside and the voices of others. Slowly, imagine that these sounds become softer in your mind. After practicing a few times, you will find that these noises The noise gradually becomes the background sound, and you also simultaneously acquire the "ability to coexist peacefully with external sounds."

Five Benefits of Meditation

⭐ Benefit 1: Improve sleep

The reason most people have trouble falling asleep is that they cannot bring consciousness back to the "now" sleep state; the mind is constantly thinking about what happened today (past) or will happen tomorrow (future). And through meditation, we can help ourselves bring our awareness back to the present moment, and when we are calm, we can fall asleep more easily.


⭐Benefit 2: Relieve Anxiety

As mentioned above, most of the anxiety comes from emotions about the "past" or "future" (such as regret and shame about past experiences; nervousness about the future, fear of failure, etc.).

Although things also need to be resolved, meditation can help you focus on the present moment, relieve unnecessary anxiety, and deal with the most urgent tasks at hand with a calm mind.


⭐Benefit 3: Maintaining mindfulness increases self-confidence

What is "mindfulness"? Mindfulness is "more aware" of self-discrimination of emotions; anger, fear, or happiness, etc., and then "consciously" choose your behaviour.

For example, some people may unconsciously make others feel uncomfortable due to their bad mood (such as making loud noises and using sharp words in inappropriate occasions, etc.). Meditation helps to recognize inner emotions, observe whether one's behavior affects others, and not be affected by others' negative comments. It can also increase self-confidence while becoming more like oneself.


⭐ Benefit 4: Achieve Inner Peace

Meditation can help you distinguish your emotions and "needs"; for example, you can tell if you are in a bad mood, maybe because you are hungry or sleepy, so you can choose to eat something or sleep for a while, and you are no longer busy If you feel anxious, you can achieve inner peace.


⭐Benefits 5: Intuition becomes sharper?

Meditation can help us observe what is happening around us more consciously, so the senses such as sight, hearing, and smell will also become more acute (the so-called intuition). For example, if you can find out in time that the people around you seem strange and in a bad mood, you can carefully choose the way you decide to communicate with the other party, and reduce the possibility of having a dispute with the person once.

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